New types of guiding and clamping

In high precision turning when we speak about guide bushes and collets, the solutions available on the market involve split elements. Depending on the circumstances, this advantages the entry of chips into the adjustment and clamping devices and can generate significant problems for users. A new generation of patented non-split collets and guide-bushes are presented by ECS Swisscollet. They solve this problem and bring many other benefits. Meeting with Mr. Marchand its director.

M. Marchand explaining the new collet benefits to a customer on the Simodec’s booth of the company.

According to the materials to be machined, bars may have irregularities. Mr. Marchand says: “A customers who machined continuous casting bronze lived many problems related to the bars, on a 26 mm diameter bar he was confronted with differences up to 7/10th of a millimeter. We offered him to try our new guide-bush and indeed, it is capable of absorbing such a difference”. This patented system allows therefore in many cases to suppress the grinding operation of bars before machining and greatly simplifies the machining in materials where bars are not “perfect” as PEAK for example.

Let’s see the different products based on this new concept:

  • “Master Bush”: standard guide-bushes – Friction are reduced significantly, in the case of working with difficult material, this avoids jamming.
  • “Master Clamp”: standard F-collets – The clamping system reduces friction and increases the clamping force.
  • “Master Clamp”: large opening collets – These increase the clamping range by 60%.
  • “Master Clamp”: multispindle collets – Working with multispindle, chips can quickly become baffling.  The new multispindle collets operating on the same principle of added jaws without slot avoid this problem. The potential gain is extraordinary.

For every application?
“We do not want to replace standard guide-bushes and collets” says Mr. Marchand, but in very many applications, the flexibility and the removal of jamming problems, as well as the significantly increased collet and guide bush lifetimes, make them become unavoidable.

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We will publish more detailed information soon in Eurotec.