Innovations for greater productivity and resource efficiency

This year’s Chiron Open House will take place from Wednesday, April 25 to Friday, April 27, 2012, in Tuttlingen. With live machining demonstrations, the company will show a series of innovations for more productivity, shorter throughput times and greater resource efficiency.

For the FZ 12 MT, simultaneous turning and milling is possible. That means halved throughput times and therefore doubled productivity.

The new machines are the FZ 08 MT and the FZ 12 MT, which feature an integrated tool revolver for simultaneous turning and milling, and the compact double-spindle DZ 08 W Magnum. For heavy cutting, Chiron is presenting the new, fundamentally redesigned series of 18 powerful machining centers and the large BIG MILL models with swivel heads. Efficient turnkey and automation solutions, numerous technical lectures and information stands from renowned partner companies round off the trade meeting.

Innovations concerning simultaneous turning and milling
Using the precision machining centers FZ 08 MT and FZ 12 MT, Chiron will show that the throughput time can be halved and productivity doubled by simultaneous turning and milling in one machine.

Two spindles: doubled productivity
The double-spindle DZ 08 W Magnum for double the productivity can be seen for the first time at the Open House. Thanks to chip-to-chip times of 1.9 seconds and spindle speeds of 40,000 RPM, it is very fast. At the same time, the two spindles allow energy savings of more than 40 percent.

More efficiency by multi-spindle machines
Using further examples of two and four-spindle machining centers, Chiron will also show at the Open House which savings in time, energy, space and personnel – and therefore costs – can be realized with multi-spindle machining centers.

Big Mill with swivel head
Big Mill, Chiron’s series for volume cutting, will be shown at the Open House with NC swivel head. The NC swivel head as fourth axis, which can be changed by ±110°, has up to 1000 Nm spindle torque, as does the rigid head machine.

Chiron Werke GmbH & Co KG
Kreuzstraße 75
Tuttlingen 78532

To be seen from April 25 to 27 in Tuttlingen.

Small and powerful: Micromachining as the ultimate test

Miniature tools need to be highly precise and reliable. This is because they have to cope with demanding materials and, what’s more, do this with small tool diameters and tolerances in the μm range. Zecha Hartmetall- Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH in Königsbach-Stein has developed a tool range for such applications that is perfectly tailored to the demands of micromachining.

The manufacture of miniature parts and components requires the observance of extremely low tolerances and thus the assurance of the highest possible precision. That increases the challenges for the quality of the tools used enormously – not least when it is all about economic and precise micromachining of titanium alloys and stainless steels offers maximum stability during roughing operations.

With the highest precision and the best life cycles
The tools in the Series 472 come with a long or short flute. They have been conceived as double cutters with spiralled swarf chambers and are intended for the series manufacture of small components with optimum tooth feeds. The long version also guarantees the highest surface qualities and clean finish. Cutters in the Series 473 have been configured as triple cutters with spiralled chambers and short or long flute – just the right performance to work swiftly and powerfully at medium speed rates.

Minimum radii, maximum precision
Micromachining follows its own laws that can be fulfilled only with the know-how of experts. Ultra-fine ground geometries, systematic high-class quality and the longest possible life cycles are the recipe with which Zecha provides its customers with the key advantage in the minimum tolerance machining.

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Brazil – Explore your business opportunities in this fast growing medtech market

Export opportunities to the Brazilian market are rapidly expanding. With a growing middle class and free market economy, Brazil offers an emerging market full of business possibilities.

With 193 million inhabitants, Brazil has the largest medical technologies market in Latin America. Demand for medtech in Brazil is rising and the sector is expected to grow consid-erably in the coming years. The driver of this growth is the Brazilian economy and its rapidly expanding middle class which have gained access to high-quality medical care through changes in the private health insurance systems. Although medical technology products used in Brazil are both manufactured locally and imported, the market for foreign suppliers remains an attractive prospect. Large numbers of private hospitals are investing heavily in expanding their capacity and modernizing their facilities, often operating independently of the rules of Brazil´s public procurement system.

Special trade mission
Medtech Switzerland are pleased to invite you to a special trade mission to Brazil aimed at Swiss medtech SMEs looking to expand their export activities. Medtech Switzerland, Osec and additional partners have teamed up to offer you “Trade Mission Brazil”, a targeted program built to help Swiss companies make connections with Brazilian officials and industry players and get first-hand information on the “ins and outs” of launching Swiss export activities in Brazil.

Trade Mission Brazil: Medtech Close-up, May 21-23, 2012
São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Key points

  • Information: Understand government policies, market potential and business opportunities
  • Networking: Meet the big medtech consumers and industry players
  • Attend the trade fair: Brazil´s Hospitalar trade fair and congress is one of the most important medtech events in Latin America
  • Custom: The organisers helps you design an optional custom program to further explore your business opportunities

For more information please see the attached PDF.

Medtech Switzerland
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Tool making: automatically create dimensioned engineering drawings

Tool manufacturers can now automatically create dimensioned engineering drawings of machine tools showing their precise geometry, by using a new facility for NUM’s renowned Numroto grinding software. By producing cross-sectional views of a tool – at any position along its length – the new Numroto Draw function can effectively automate production verification. The drawings can also incorporate images obtained directly from 3D simulation of a tool, enabling even complex grinding details to be portrayed graphically and unequivocally.

Numroto Draw produces fully dimensioned engineering drawings of machine tools, including accurate portrayal of the tool’s profile and cross-sectional geometry.

Numroto Draw is ideal for tool manufacturers seeking a means of showing customers precise details of tools prior to production, or of confirming the ground geometry of a tool as part of the delivery process. The software is also likely to prove popular with tool resharpening companies, as it enables them to provide customers with documented confirmation of work, either before or after it has been carried out.

One single source
The drawing is derived directly from the same data source as the CNC program, ensuring there is no ambiguity in the process. Using data that defines the spatial course of the tool’s cutting edge, the software automatically calculates all dimensions that require presentation and then generates the appropriate drawing. If any of the dimensions do not meet a customer’s requirement, they can be amended very easily.

Tailored solution
The drawings created by Numroto Draw are fully editable. Header information can be structured by the user to suit the customer’s requirements, and the tool designation can be taken directly from the Numroto database. A separate table, showing the main parameters of the tool, can either be created by the user or adapted from one of the templates supplied by NUM, and again can be populated using values from the Numroto database to help save time. The documentation – which can be structured to occupy several pages if desired – can also include a graphical representation of the grinding wheel pack, together with a table containing information about each wheel, such as its diameter, width and grinding angle.

Coincident with the launch of Numroto Draw, NUM has also further enhanced the capabilities of Numroto in a number of key areas.

More information:

A wide range of customised machining solutions

With more than 20 different models of machines, Emissa offers a range of products beyond those of many builders. Simultaneously, the company is renowned for developing tailored solutions to its customers. How to combine these two aspects? A free discussion with Mr. Pierre Boschi, director of the company, can be read in our next issue.

M. Boschi presenting the basis of a machine being built for an automotive customer.

If offering a wide range may appear contradictory with the implementation of dedicated solutions for customers, it is because usually these are mainly based on new developments. At Emissa, both product lines and developed customized solutions are based on the same elements. Mr Boschi says: “We build on a modular way based on proven machining and design modules, for example the Pibomulti multispindle heads”. Thus, according to the machines, it is more than 80% of the components that are recurrent. This explains the high flexibility of Emissa and its ability to provide reliable solutions.

To be seen at Siams and EPHJ
At the Siams and EPHJ trade shows, Emissa will present:

  • MagicTool (micromachining machine that can drill holes perpendicular to the horn of watches cases)
  • SpeedTool (micromachining machine with HSK 32 tools changer with 30 or 48 tools or more, a 40’000 rpm spindle, a multispindle head with alternating spindles offering chip to chip tool change of less than 5/10 of a second)
  • PNC03 (very high production machine for the realisation of watch plates and allowing more than 60 operations in less than 6 seconds.)
  • Rotopal (with several machining stations, 3 or 4 axes for all machining operations: drilling, tapping, turning, rounding as well as all lateral machining operation.

Emissa also offers machines for machining of winding-mechanisms’ crowns and pushes and machines to produce wristlets’ parts. In watch making the company is also active in machining of dials and appliques.

Indeed the company is not only proposing watch making solutions (we’ll see the automotive solutions in next issue of Eurotec).

Emissa SA
Jambe – Ducommun 18
2400 – Le Locle / Suisse
Tél : +41 32 933 06 66
Fax : +41 32 933 06 60
[email protected]

Pigging technology in operation

As is the case with a talented chef who intends to create a delicious menu, he will need, depending on the number of courses and size of the group, quite a lot of pots, pans, bain marie pans, serving plates, etc. Similarly, when it comes to the production of over 2500 different Motorex products more or less the same principle applies. With the increased number of storage tanks and the introduction of the most recent generation of pigging technology, Motorex is again expanding its innovative infrastructure.

The storage tanks are of central importance in this process. It supplies the mixer with the required raw materials. Depending on the recipe, semi-finished goods are produced which in turn are stored temporarily in a tank and then finished goods are produced afterwards. Even finished products that after production cannot be immediately filled into containers in the large and small bottling department must be temporarily stored in tanks for short periods.

Increasing flexibility
With 8000 m3, Motorex has the largest basic oil stock in Switzerland. Moreover, additives, semi-finished products and finished products are stored separately in tanks according to type families. Ten additional 1, 2 and 4-chamber tanks that offer an additional storage volume of 500 m3 for 28 different products have now been added. These structural measures have steadily increased the flexibility in production and increase the benefit to the customer of an already high delivery capacity.

Pigging system also helps to save
Upstream and downstream of production, there are soon a few hundred litres of medium in the lines and fittings between the tanks, bottling plant and mixer. So that these lines can be completely cleaned for the next production batch without residues remaining, many of the plants must carry out rinsing processes. These processes are time-intensive and cause waste and quickly incur high costs. During the “pigging process”, the contents of the pipelines is forced out using a fitting body made of flexible special plastic (pig) and a propellant, primarily compressed air or in rare cases even nitrogen in order to reduce the risk of explosion. This procedure increases production capacities by quickly cleaning the piping systems without leaving residue and means laborious rinsing processes are not necessary.

With the extension of the storage tanks, Motorex has shown again through the expanded, highly innovative production location at Langenthal that the idea of quality has been consistently implemented since its first production step and has therefore created the ideal conditions for unimpeded further growth.

Motorex AG Langenthal
Case postale
CH-4901 Langenthal
Tél. +41 (0)62 919 74 74
Fax +41 (0)62 919 76 96

We will enter into deeper details of this new motorex capability in our next issue.

Your business opportunities in China – Evening seminar in Olten, April 4

Interested in the Chinese medtech market? Participate in the evening seminar and receive first hand information from a medtech professional who has successfully entered the Chinese market.

Valuable market insights as well as personal experiences will be shared. Complement your knowledge in Regulatory Affairs by receiving insights into the particularities of the Chinese system and learn from a Chinese surgeon how the medtech industry conducts business with Chinese physicians.

Worth CHF 10.9 billion
China’s medtech market is worth CHF 10.9 billion, making it the world’s fourth largest market in this sector. It is forecasted to grow at an annual rate of more than 11% through 2014 due to a huge population pushing economic growth.

Wednesday April 4, 17:15
Restaurant Aarhof, Frohburgstrasse 2, 4600 Olten


  • 17.00 Registration and welcome snack
  • 17.30 Welcome address Patrizia Fischer, Senior Project Manager, Medtech Switzerland
  • 17.40 Successful market entry into China Dr. Urs Mattes, General Manager Mathys China & Hong Kong – Senior Advisor China, Medtech Switzerland
  • 18.10 Insights into approvals of electromedical devices in China, Dr. Ulrich Hofer, Head of RA & Science, ISS AG – Ms. Luo Jing Wälti, Assistant RA, ISS AG
  • 18.40 Experience of a Chinese Surgeon, Prof. YIN Li, Chief Surgeon, The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan Province

A networking apéro will follow the seminar and give you an additional opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas. By attending the seminar you will also receive an electronic copy of the new Chinese Medtech Market Report (worth CHF 170.-) which will be revealed for the first time during the seminar.

The participation fee for this seminar is (per person, excluding VAT) CHF 110.- and includes:

  • Participation at the seminar
  • Market report on China (electronic form)
  • USB stick with the presentations
  • Networking reception, snacks and beverages

For more information
Patrizia Fischer, Senior Project Manager Medtech Switzerland,
Tel. +41 31 335 62 41, [email protected]

Direct link to register.