4 positions rotating unit: a new discovery

Depending on countries, it is easier to find h11 quality bars than h7 or h8 dedicated to high precision turning (not to mention the price difference). To guide this material is not easy and to be able to rely on a very flexible guide bush that adapts to this type of material is very interesting. Walter Dünner presents a new four positions rotating unit.  Meeting in Moutier with Daniel Dünner the director of the company.

The DunnAir four position rotating unit is a pneumatic device developed to fit precisely the machines. It incorporates a standard Airflex guide bush. With this system, the same guide bushes can be mounted on several types of machines. Adjustment of the guide bush being fully performed by the front, manipulation is reduced and simplicity is maximum.

4 positions for more subtlety
The 4 positions rotating unit includes the classic positions of clamping and opening plus two guiding positions with different settings. Mr. Dunner explains: “According to the operations to be performed, guidance must be more or less tight and up to today, we still had to work with a “compromise guide bush”. With the DunnAir, it is possible to manage the forces according to the various operations”. Simply driven by M functions, this device opens new perspectives for high precision turning. Not only it offers the opportunity to work with less precise material but finely adapts to the different operations to achieve.

We will come back on this new unit and guide bush soon!

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  1. Just discovered the 4 position guide bush. I am definitely interested. Can we rally work with rough material?

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