27e BIEMH: welcome to Spain

85% of the manufacturers in Spain are based in the Basque Country and Bilbao Exhibition Centre is its natural showcase.

Visiting BIEMH, International Machine-Tool Exhibition, will not be just attending a trade fair: scheduled to take place from May 28 to June 2, it will be the best chance to get close to Spanish companies, which are specialised in high-performance and customised machinery.

A reliable reference
26 editions of experience and an ongoing technology research and development in machine-tools make Spanish manufacturers and it’s most representative fair, BIEMH, a reliable reference in sectors such as railway industry, aerospace, automotive industry and wind energy in several countries.
In fact, 85% of the manufacturers in Spain are based in the Basque Country region, within an 80 km radius of Bilbao Exhibition Centre, where all these types of machinery will be on show at the exhibition. To complete this, visits to the production plants will be organised with the co-operation of AFM, the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Association of Spain, and SPRI, the Basque Development Agency.

Spanish and International event
Manufacturers will predominate in BIEMH:  over 60% of the exhibitors that have already signed up for it are manufacturers of machines, tools and accessories. In total, 1097 firms from 25 countries have confirmed their participation in the event.
To date, the sectors that have reserved most space are cutting machine-tools (35%), metal forming machine-tools (20%), tool companies (10%) and accessory companies (8%). The remaining sectors have also achieved significant bookings: electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, metrology, control and CAD/CAM/CAE equipment and other machinery and equipment.

The full list of exhibitors is updated weekly and can be viewed on the official website. The list is searchable by company name, country, province and sector and subsector, product and location are soon to be added as further search criteria.



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