A Swiss company on top…

At Hannover Messe there are a lot of Swiss companies exhibiting, but the Osec booth on Hall 4 “only” presents 8 companies. Let’s start with these. We’ve just met with Mr. Bräm, the CEO of bräm: high precision mechanics and discovered some incredible parts (between a few millimeters to something like 20 centimeters or so).

Founded in 1965 the company is nowadays specialized in many high precision operations and assemblies. They can do all but turning, i.e. milling, grinding, electro chemical milling, EDM, polishing, finishing and more. According to Mr. Bräm met at the show, they are not only able to deal with all these technologies but also to go deep into every knowledge to offer accurately tailored solutions to their customers.

The best technology to meet various job’s demands
Most of the time the parts to be created are complicated and need a wide expertise. “Our customers are often interested to work with us from the development phase to benefit from our specific know-how in manufacturing. Because our original craft is the manufacture of precision molds, our expertise in precision machining and machining of hard materials is unique. Thus we machine ultra-hard materials such as carbide and technical ceramics. Our automatic polishing method allows us to reach perfect surface finishes, even on products manufactured in series. Our specialties such as micro-EDM, electrochemical precision machining (ECM), drilling/milling of extreme precision and laser processes cover any type of manufacturing: from complex unique parts to large series production. For 45 years and day after day, our team of 30 specialists witnesses what high-tech made in Switzerland means” says Mr. Bräm the company’s CEO.

To discover at Hannover Messe till the end of the week. Halle 4, booth C12.

“Switzerland: the country from where ideas and milk come” (see the logo top left? Yep that’s Eurotec’s… and we don’t have milk either!)

Gebr. Bräm AG, High Precision Mechanics
Mr. Martin Bräm CEO
Lerzenstrasse 4
8953 Dietikon
Phone :+41 44 746 46 40