Vegetable water-based coolants and cutting oils

For more than 20 years, Condat works on vegetal oils for replacing mineral oils. Since 2009, Condat proposes a range of soluble oils and cutting oil for metal working formulated from vegetable based esters. These fluids show high performances lubricating power, good stability and consumption economy. These product-ranges called Neat Green and Mecagreen are on display in Halle 4 at Hannover Messe.

The new range of Mecagreen and Neat Greens are innovative products that have needed two years to develop by Condat laboratories. The formulation of these products mark an important evolution in terms of chemistry, and ‘green’ chemistry! Unlike mineral oil based products, the new products are made of a mixture of esterified basic oils that are of 100 % vegetable origin.

Polar molecules
The problem with coolant is that we always have to find the best combination between cooling and lubricating properties. Petroleum based oils are non polar and do not coordinate with the workpiece surface, hence some compromise to do. The new vegetable oil and water-based coolant proposed by Condat benefit from a new technology that enhances the polarity of the esters used. Even for heavy duty operations, ester-based molecules still stick to the workpiece’s surface to ensure better slide and minimal wear on tools. The length of the product range allow the company to always find the best coolant adapted to the part to be machined.

20% less wear on tools announced
Mr. Xavier Pitance, in charge of the industrial lubrication business unit says: “We’ve done extensive tests and are working with customers worldwide. They are emphasizing that tool life is largely extended”. He adds: “Nevertheless we don’t want to compare solutions by ourselves; the best is that potential interested people ask for information and put us under test, and then they can see by themselves and chose based on facts”.

To be discovered in Halle 4, Booth a42 till the end of the week.
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By the way, the company is looking for sales representatives in Europe and Switzerland to strengthen their network… if you’re active in lubrication and would like to seize a new opportunity, feel free to contact Mr. Pitance at your early convenience.