Agathon bearing – for performing various types of movement

The special machine construction and the precision automation provide many different forms of movement as special applications: whether to tighten (e.g. spindle), or handling of workpieces, or even holding and guiding tools (etc.).

Agathon pillar guides can be used for various types of loads (static, swiveling, alternating), respectively, for up to highly dynamic movements.

The typical stick-slip, usual for sliding guides, does not exist in correspondingly designed rolling guides. Even when a moment load unbalances the rolling elements, this property is hardly changed – these benefits enable to reach highest standards with regard to achieving high accuracies. Sensitive tactual movements can be performed with preloaded pillar bearings.

Compact and efficient
Compared to the shaft bearing guide, the installation space is smaller, the load capacity and stiffness are considerably higher. The cylindrical bore of the pillar guide can be produced cheaper and more precise than the receiving areas for profiled rail guide systems – a tuning of the preload is not necessary, the pillar guide is ready for installation.
The rolling element cage lays back half the way of the overall movement, the length of the cage and bushing determines the maximum reachable stroke – the rolling element cage should, regardless of the stroke position, remain preloaded at least 50% of its length. A multiple of the pillar diameter, respectively, of the shaft diameter, can be run as longitudinal movement.

Customer’s benefits from Agathon pillar guides:

  • Backlash-free, the rolling elements are preloaded
  • Bearing deflection at maximum load, is between a few micrometers up to approx. 0.01 mm, depending on the guide dimensions and rolling elements
  • No stick-slip on optimally designed bearings
  • Long lifetime
  • For linear speeds up to approx. 150m/min
  • Suitable for radial loads, as well as uneven load distribution
  • Ball rolling elements can perform 2-axis movements
  • Alternatively manufactured in stainless steel alloys, standard material: 100Cr6 (bearing steel)
  • Ball and roller elements
  • Minimum abrasion
  • Little lubrication, continuous lubrication possible
  • Easy installation

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