13th SIAMS just opened by Federal Counselor Johann Schneider Amman

The Siams is a trade show that takes place in the regional soil of microtechnology and as said Mr. Francis Koller at the opening speech it is the emanation of a whole industry. One that is highly efficient as soon as we speak about “small and precise”. The area may be a peripheral one, its know-how is at the center of the Swiss quality and precision.

Andreas Rickenbacher, State Counselor, Berne, Johann Schneider Amman, Federal Counselor, Francis Koller, President of Siams, Michel Probst, State Counselor, Jura and Maxime Zuber, Mayor, Moutier and MP at the opening ceremony of Siams 2012.

Siams is clearly a regional trade show …and much more. Mr Koller announced that a third of the exhibitors come from the cantons of Bern, Neuchâtel and of Jura, 200 from German speaking Switzerland and some from South of Germany and France. It is clearly the historical regions dedicated to microtechnology that are the core of Siams.

If you think of Microtechnology, a visit to Moutier this week is mandatory
“We are trying to make Siams more and more attractive, our goal is to value the companies active in microtechnology and promote contacts in an ideal atmosphere in Moutier “ says Mr. Linder, head of communication for Siams. The purpose is always to provide a platform for exchange and meetings in a professional and good-natured atmosphere. This can be discovered till Friday in Moutier. Don’t miss it.

Why come and visit the Siams?
“This is an exceptional concentration of production means in microtechnology which is offered to the visitors. The Siams is recognized to provide a significant relational proximity and a good and sympathetic atmosphere “ says Mr. Linder. He adds: “The event is a bit in the image of the region, it displays the love of work but also certain humility. People are accessible and professional”. With 450 exhibitors the event is very respectable in size but remains at human size and it is also what makes its success.


PS: Indeed Eurotec is there and we would be glad to welcome you on our booth. Halle 1.2, booth E9.