Aubert inside…

All computer users are familiar with the famous “Intel inside” label found on many computers. For more than 50 years, Marcel Aubert the company located in Bienne installs embedded optical measurements systems on many types of machine tools, to the point that if an “Aubert inside” distinction would exist, we would see it in the workshops all around the world. Meeting with Mr. Fleury, technical manager and Terzini, responsible for marketing and commercial.

The company provides different types of output for the image outside the machining area on more than 1,000 optical systems embedded each year. The projector system today is the least used to the benefit of the versions equipped with microscopes and video systems. Operating without contact, Aubert systems allow taking information in places where a probe (for example) could not enter. The principle avoiding contact ensures the user that the measure will be without influence on the part.

Why embarking an optical system
Mr. Terzini explains: “Our systems have many utilities, for example to reposition a part, to center it, to measure it or simply visually monitor the finish” Mr. Fleury adds: “We can quickly find a zero point of reference”. Questioned about the fragility of optical systems, Mr. Fleury reassures us: “Our optical solutions are designed for use in demanding environments; there is no problem of reliability. We always look at the working area and conditions to define the layout, magnification, protection, lighting and integration”.

Without light, no optics
Marcel Aubert offers turnkey solutions. As Mr Fleury says: “Without good lighting, a good optics simply does not workt”.Usually the company provides its solutions directly through suppliers of machines (OEM) but also very often directly with users that are confronted with problems of positioning and measurement. Whatever the alternatives proposed, Marcel Aubert provides the dedicated lighting to the concerned optical measurement system.

Democratization of high-end solutions
“In ten years, the cost of acquisition systems has been cut by half” says Mr. Terzini. This combined with its very flexibility explain the reason for the growth of this type of control system.

To be discovered at Lausannetec from tomorrow at booth 3622A on Hall 36 and at EPHJ Geneva, booth K18 from June 5 to 8, 2012.

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PS: We will go into deeper details of these solutions in a further issue of Eurotec.