A promising start…

Lausannetec closed its second day and I had a great discussion with Pierre-Yves Schmid, director of Lausannetec and René Zürcher member of the general management of MCH Beaulieu Lausanne about the first two days …and the future.

The first feeling about the shows are very positive among its management, both exhibitors and visitors emphasizes the very high quality of the environment and services. It’s a good start.

What about visitors ?
Let’s call a spade a spade, the first day was a very calm one and the second one was better, even if the alleyways were not that crowded. The organisers didn’t boast about visitors and so I went to discuss with exhibitors to “feel it”. Even if they were waiting for more people, they were satisfied with the high level of the people coming to their booths and the possibility to discuss real business. A machine-tool company told me that they had very good contacts that should allow them to sell machines and that without Lausannetec and the very good quality of its welcome; that would simply not have been possible with these customers. Another exhibitor producing components and devices told me that after two days, his show was better than this year’s Siams…

Is the bet won for Lausannetec?
It’s indeed too early to say such a thing… moreover what is the bet?  Without entering into details about their strategy and aims for the few years to come, M. Zürcher told me that a trade show cannot build its success on one issue only and that the first issue is promising but that they would carry on their effort to offer a trade show dedicated to their exhibitor’s needs…. they seems very confident.

One or two shows around the Geneva Lake?
Here too we must not put the head into the sand and refuse to see… most of the exhibitors are clearly disapproving the venue of two “identical” shows around the lake (moreover within two weeks). What will happen? Nobody knows, all the people I discussed with today and yesterday told me they would wait for the end of both shows and then carefully plan and decide what to do for the future. No doubt that the organisers will also listen to them and tailor their offer… a lot of alternatives are possible… but truly the situation cannot remain the same for 10 years.

You can still go discover Lausannetec till the end of the week, will you miss it?


PS: I’ll come on some new solutions discovered there tomorrow… Cheers!