Gold replacement material cuts costs of electrical contacts

A material that can replace gold on electrical contacts has been developed by Swedish company Impact Coatings. Silver MaxPhase™ is a metal alloy that performs like gold in terms of electrical conductivity and resistance to wear and corrosion, but at a fraction of the cost.

This offers significant savings and cost control for connectors and other electrical components. Using Silver MaxPhase is also a substantially better environmental choice than gold plating, as no hazardous chemicals are involved in the process. “We want to challenge the idea that gold plating is the only option for electrical contacts. An average mobile phone, for instance, has five to ten connectors that could be coated with Silver MaxPhase,” says Henrik Ljungcrantz, the company’s CEO.

New coating
The coating is qualified according to the IEC 60512 and IEC 60068 standards for low voltage and low contact force connectors that are normally gold plated, such as battery and I/O connectors for mobile phones. Silver MaxPhase has the potential to be used for a wide range of connectors and other components.
The metal alloy is applied by physical vapor deposition (PVD), a process that takes place in a vacuum chamber where the material is evaporated and condensed to form a thin film on the object. Impact Coatings has developed the material, as well as processes and machinery for applying the alloy in high-volume production.

Turnkey solution
Impact Coatings offers a range of PVD machinery that can easily be integrated into existing production flows, with much smaller footprints than a traditional wet plating plant. With significantly reduced environmental impact compared to plating with gold, Silver MaxPhase production lines can be installed without conflict with environmental legislation. The production is entirely clean and, in contrast to gold plating lines, no special permits are required.
The range of machinery includes systems for high-capacity reel-to-reel coating of metal strips; systems for coating of individual metal parts; and systems for coating of plastic components.

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  1. This seems fantastic, what an innovation!? For the contact industry, to be able to eliminate the need of expensive gold, must become a winning concept. I’m impressed.

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