Delcam to launch new milling options in FeatureCAM at IMTS

Delcam will launch the 2013 release of its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software on booth E-3222 at the IMTS exhibition to be held in Chicago from 10th to 15th September.  This will offer a new series of options for three-axis milling and enhancements in five-axis machining, plus improvements in the turning and mill-turn modules.

FeatureCAM 2013 features step cutting to maximise metal removal with large roughing tools.

FeatureCAM was the world’s first feature-based programming software when it was launched in 1995. The main change to the 2013 FeatureCAM product family has been the introduction of three levels of 3D machining functionality. FeatureMILL 3D Lite offers single-surface machining with a basic range of strategies and so provides an introductory product for companies moving into 3D machining for the first time.

Greater number of strategies
FeatureMILL 3D MX provides a greater number of strategies, including spiral finishing, flowline finishing and rotary machining, support for multiple-surface machining and automated feature recognition.  It is aimed at companies with conventional machine tools and those that are machining softer materials. FeatureMILL HSM also contains all of the options for rest machining, such as pencil machining and corner clearance, and high-speed machining, including trochoidal machining and Delcam’s patented Race Line Machining.  It maximises the benefits of any investment in high-speed mills with strategies that maximise machine productivity while protecting the part, machine and cutter from excessive wear.

Many features
FeatureCAM HSM also includes a number of new strategies. Step cutting has been added within area clearance to remove large terraces that can be left on the part when using deeper roughing cuts.  FeatureCAM will now produce extra toolpaths that step back up the terrace with the existing large tool, adding extra cuts at intermediate levels.  This results in more material being removed, using the same tool within the same toolpath.

Some other characteristics

  • Enhanced automatic splitting of finishing between steep and shallow areas of the part
  • “Area filter” in both roughing and finishing strategies to remove small enclosed pockets within the part from the toolpath
  • New five-axis strategies available in FeatureCAM 2013 include flowline machining between two curves, pencil machining and corner re-machining.
  • New options have also been added to give smoother five-axis machining.
  • A new look-ahead capability will remove any sudden tool-axis changes during automatic collision avoidance
  • Ability to smooth the Azimuth and Elevation axes independently and so remove excessive five-axis movement.
  • And many more

For further information on Delcam’s FeatureCAM software, please contact
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 0121 683 1081
[email protected]

Delcam plc
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK

New standards in digital surface profile measurement

Fast, tough and accurate the new Elcometer 224 is available in a range of models with either integral or separate probe options to suit the customers’ application.

Each probe is supplied with a hard wearing tungsten carbide, user replaceable, tip which can be used for up to 20,000 readings. Packed full of a wide range of new features, the new Elcometer 224 digital surface profile gauges are even more powerful, reliable and easier to use than ever before.

  • Impact, dust and waterproof equivalent to IP64 the new Elcometer 224 is tough enough for the most rugged environments.
  • A 2.4” colour display, easy to follow menu structure in multiple languages makes the new Elcometer 224 very user friendly.
  • High-speed reading rate of 50+ per minute with live trend graph and readings batch graph for instant analysis – the new Elcometer 224 is fast and efficient.
  • Temperature stable measurements gives you repeatable and reproducible results, all backed by Elcometer’s 2 year gauge warranty.
  • Memory capacity of up to 150,000 readings in 2,500 batches, measuring profiles up to 500µm (20 mils) and output to ElcoMaster™ 2.0 software and ElcoMaster™ for Android™, the new Elcometer 224 is exceptionally powerful.

For more information on the Elcometer 224 range, visit the company’s website or contact Elcometer at [email protected]

New conveyors offered by Misumi

With its new conveyors, Misumi offers the right part feeder for every application. As these conveyors are not yet included in the current 2011/2012 catalogue, a 164-page brochure has been put together detailing all the relevant information and technical specifications. It is available to download at

If you are interested in these products, single or dual track conveyors can now also be found in the online catalogue of the Japanese manufacturer and supplier of standard, purchased and made-to-order parts. These conveyors feature a head drive, centre drive or integrated drive, with lengths ranging from 190 mm to 6000 mm and widths from 30 mm to 500 mm. The belt width can be configured in 10-mm increments, and the length in 5-mm increments. The motor power output ranges from 6 to 90 W. When it comes to the belt, the customer has the choice of an elastomer resin, stainless steel or timing belt, as well as a whole host of accessory parts including stands, guide rails, transfer rollers and plastic chains.
What’s more, there is also the option of flat belts and timing belts. This choice enables the customer to put together the exact conveyor required for their application. The prices, delivery times and optional extras are set out in detail in easy-to-understand tables.
Depending on the design, the delivery time for the conveyors is between 13 and 17 working days.

Download the right conveyor
You can select the suitable conveyor online on the Misumi website by entering the conveyor specifications. The system uses the details you enter to compile a list of possible conveyors and also makes the corresponding 2D/3D CAD data available for you to download. What’s more, you can use the online catalogue to check and compare the motor characteristic values and the weight of each of the conveyors. Operating instructions are available to download in five different languages, and other language versions are supplied with the products. Two videos are available that provide information on how to change the belt.

Dimensions, power and delivery times

  • Lengths available: 190 to 6000 mm
  • Widths available: 30 to 500 mm
  • Power range: 6 to 90 W
  • Delivery times: 13 to 17 working days

Misumi Europa GmbH
Katharina-Paulus-Str. 6
65824 Schwalbach/Ts.
Phone +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 0
Fax +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 360

Black and white chromium plating: coatings of the future?

When one speaks of black chromium plating, often we imagine it combined with a lacquer and therefore inevitably of random accuracy. And yet when this operation is made properly, it provides important benefits both in terms of protection, hardness and aesthetics. Parts are finished once chromium plated and require no lacquer or any other further processing. Meeting in Corgémont with Christian Jungen, director of Bicrom SA, a company that places high chromium plating at the rank of irreplaceable treatment.

Mr. Jungen explaining the functioning of the baths

The company mainly carries out two operations, white chromium plating using the barrel process or on supports and black chromium plating where each part is placed on a dedicated support. To answer our question of the why of this distinction, Mr. Jungen says: “The different types of chromium plating require different chemical components and electrolytic reactions. This is the reason why it is not possible to plate with black chromium in bulk”.

Let’s see black chromium plating

Black chromium layer between 1.5 and 5 µ
The advantage of black chromium plating is the regularity of the layer. On specific parts, to master the thickness of the layer is paramount. M Jungen says: “When we realise a black chromium plating of a watch platinum for example, it is very important that the total thickness of the coating (including chromium plating and the pretreatments) is totally mastered”. The true functions of the assemblies rely on it. At the Visual level, a chromium plating operation strengthens the surface finishes such as beadwork, guillochage or Côte of Geneva.

The passion of the bath
Depending on the situation, the treatments in baths can range from a few minutes to several hours, some parts may require dozens of bath and nothing is left to chance. “Our customers generally have a problem and we’re here to solve it. It may be a difficulty due to corrosion, adhesion, aesthetics, thickness, capacity, reflection of light, hardness or other” adds Mr. Jungen.

Deemed to go further
This passion for chromium plating also passes through the development of specific holding systems allowing a perfect treatment on the part. Knowing that it must be supported, one may wonder how Bicrom does to ensure harmonious and regular treatment over the whole surface of the parts. Last example: black chromium plating of a hollow stainless steel sphere of 3 mm in diameter which presents a perfect black chromium treatment on its whole surface. Questioned on his tips for success such a tour de force, the director indeed don’t give his secrets because it is its know how that makes its strength.

Are you looking for a solution to a problem of surface finish? Bicrom offers second to none black chromium plating, white chromium plating or Crominox plating solutions.

To be completed in Eurotec…

Bicrom SA
On the Crêt 11
2606 Corgémont
Tel. + 41 32 489 31 31
Fax + 41 32 489 29 25
[email protected]

The machine is only the beginning…

A manufacturer, whether it be watchmaker, active in medical or aerospace for example, do not consider a machine as an end in itself, but as a solution to reach its objectives. He is looking for a mean of production that perfectly fits its needs (present and sometimes future), provides an interesting return on investment, guarantees the required accuracy and quality while being trouble free. What a challenge for manufacturers of machines!

We met Mr. Guy Ballif, responsible for sales with Bumotec, a machines manufacturer who fully understands the complexity of the needs of its customers and that has developed its business accordingly. Mr. Ballif says: “We assure our customers that our promises will be kept and we sign on it”.

Bumotec is specialized in the realization of high-quality parts. Linear guides allow a never faulted precision which guarantees the production in high cadences. The parts are completed in one clamping from bars. Production is thus simplified and allows a better control of the process.

Innovation to the service of quality: linear guides
The machines range includes quite a lot of innovations that allow Bumotec to push the boundaries further. The machines are equipped with linear motors to replace ball screws (traditionally a weak part in the industry of machines). Provided without mechanical element, the transmission of movement ensures very high precision and repeatability without fault. Thus small precise machining can be guaranteed (for example a diameter very accurately milled using interpolation). Another advantage of this technology is provided by the electromagnets ensuring movements; the frames being drawn onto each other with a great force the rigidity of the machine is thus significantly increased. Furthermore this driving concept requires no maintenance.

Innovation to the service of quality: spindles
Tools considered as fixed, required for turning or even broaching operations are introduced into the spindle usually dedicated to so-called rotating tools. Turning operation with interrupted cut for example may generate important shocks onto the spindle and can badly influence the quality of hybrid bearings. To solve this problem, Bumotec has developed a system of “disengagement” of the spindle bearings in machining position. Thus, the potential shocks that may affect accuracy are dissipated into the cast iron sheath and not into the mechanism of the spindle and bearings. Product life, accuracy, quality and surface finishes are therefore preserved for a long time.

Innovation to the service of quality: thermal stabilization
With cycle times reaching several dozen of minutes (depending on the part), manufacturers cannot afford to machine setting parts out of tolerance. Mr. Ballif said: “We have designed machines with integrated cooling at the level of the spindles, the linear motors and the B axis. The purpose is to ensure that the first part is already good and we reach it. We have made many measures that demonstrate a machine stability in the order of 2.5 micron on a full day of production; from as early as a few minutes after starting it”.

To stick to the market: the application
On the basis of a modular machine, Bumotec specialists build custom machines. The building on standard modular elements ensures quality and reliability. For example, the S191machine counter-operation system can be set up with a vice or a complete counter-spindle ensuring 5-axis machining or a combination of a rotating spindle and specific chucks… everything is possible to meet the needs.

You will be able to discover more about Bumotec’s machines in our next issue.

Bumotec SA
Les Communs
1625 Sâles
Tel : +41 26 917 84 01
Fax : +41 26 917 81 18
[email protected]

New Formulae Handbook for Drive Technology

maxon motor provides effective help for drive selection. The extensive collection with illustrations and descriptions includes formulae, terminology and explanations of the calculations that are relevant for drive systems. A flow chart provides assistance in selecting the right drive for each purpose.

The maxon formula compendium contains formulas, terminology and explanations for calculations concerning drive systems. The extensive collection with illustrations, descriptions and a flow chart supports easy selection of the appropriate drive.

The Formulae Handbook lists the most important formulae in relation to all components of the drive system. It makes use of a flow chart that supports quick selection of the correct drive. Numerous illustrations and the clear descriptions of the symbols on the respective page make it easier for the reader to understand the formulae.

Know-how in hand
Roughly speaking, it is a collection of the most important formulae from the maxon catalog, as well as from the book “The selection of high-precision microdrives”, published by maxon academy. The author of the book, Dr. Urs Kafader, Head of the maxon academy, gave the initiative to compile the Formulae Handbook to Jan Braun, technical instructor at the maxon academy. The book “The selection of high-precision microdrives” contains extensive know-how from the 50-year long success story of maxon DC drives with low power (below approx. 500 W).
The new Formulae Handbook is intended for engineers, lecturers and students, as a perfect supplement to the above-mentioned book.

The Formulae Handbook consists of 58 pages in A5 format and is available free of charge in German and English.

maxon motor ag
Brünigstrasse 220
P.O. Box 263
CH-6072 Sachseln
Tel: +41 (41) 666 15 00
Fax: +41 (41) 666 16 50
[email protected]

Microtechnology from every angle

From September 25 to 28, 2012, Micronora, the international trade fair for microtechnology and high precision is the biennial meeting of advances on microtechnology in all its fields of application (automotive, aerospace, medical, IT, leisure products…).

Companies active in these sectors, always looking for solutions to reduce the size of their products, while significantly increasing their functions, will access the latest techniques of microtechnologies at Micronora.

Microtechnology: companion of our daily lives
Nowadays no one on the industrialized countries can spend a day without being touched by microtechnology, for instance

  • Leisure products: quartz watch, CD/DVD player, digital cameras…
  • Medical: mini-invasive surgery (laparoscopy), intestinal capsule, drug pumps or stents…
  • Industry: more precise machine tools using microsensors, Femto-second laser in machining techniques…
  • MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems), for instance accelerometers to control airbags or widely used in smartphones, games consoles and injectors for printer heads….
  • Mechanical components such as gears, wheels, clock springs… made in silicon are used for the manufacture of mechanical watch movements…

And tomorrow?
Tomorrow’s products will combine micro and nanotechnologies to provide more specific applications in all areas. Tomorrow: microsystems of today will be strengthened by embedded intelligence (in Franche-Comté a laboratory dedicated to this subject has just been created). In the medical field, microsystems will appear to be directly implantable into the body as the micro pump (for diabetics) able to create its own insulin. Thus, smartphones will become real medical analysis laboratories linked to the analysis center while also being the tools of payment of all services…

Micronora? It is very soon!
Micronora is a showcase for innovative technologies where precision and miniaturization are essential factors of added value in all leading sectors that always require smaller, more accurate and more intelligent products.
On 25,000 sqm of exhibition area, Micronora 2012 will bring together almost 900 exhibitors including 35% from outside France. 15 000 visitors are expected.
Compared to the previous edition, the 2012 show records an increase of 7% of its surface and 2.5% in the number of exhibitors. In addition, it was fully booked six months before the opening.

Micronora 2012
Location: Micropolis exhibitions park , Boulevard West, Besançon – France
Dates: from September 25 to 28,  2012
Opens: every day from 9h00 am
Closes: Tu+ Thu 6 pm, We 7 pm and Fr 4 pm
To avoid any delay at the entrance of the show, download your free badge on