Microtechnology from every angle

From September 25 to 28, 2012, Micronora, the international trade fair for microtechnology and high precision is the biennial meeting of advances on microtechnology in all its fields of application (automotive, aerospace, medical, IT, leisure products…).

Companies active in these sectors, always looking for solutions to reduce the size of their products, while significantly increasing their functions, will access the latest techniques of microtechnologies at Micronora.

Microtechnology: companion of our daily lives
Nowadays no one on the industrialized countries can spend a day without being touched by microtechnology, for instance

  • Leisure products: quartz watch, CD/DVD player, digital cameras…
  • Medical: mini-invasive surgery (laparoscopy), intestinal capsule, drug pumps or stents…
  • Industry: more precise machine tools using microsensors, Femto-second laser in machining techniques…
  • MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems), for instance accelerometers to control airbags or widely used in smartphones, games consoles and injectors for printer heads….
  • Mechanical components such as gears, wheels, clock springs… made in silicon are used for the manufacture of mechanical watch movements…

And tomorrow?
Tomorrow’s products will combine micro and nanotechnologies to provide more specific applications in all areas. Tomorrow: microsystems of today will be strengthened by embedded intelligence (in Franche-Comté a laboratory dedicated to this subject has just been created). In the medical field, microsystems will appear to be directly implantable into the body as the micro pump (for diabetics) able to create its own insulin. Thus, smartphones will become real medical analysis laboratories linked to the analysis center while also being the tools of payment of all services…

Micronora? It is very soon!
Micronora is a showcase for innovative technologies where precision and miniaturization are essential factors of added value in all leading sectors that always require smaller, more accurate and more intelligent products.
On 25,000 sqm of exhibition area, Micronora 2012 will bring together almost 900 exhibitors including 35% from outside France. 15 000 visitors are expected.
Compared to the previous edition, the 2012 show records an increase of 7% of its surface and 2.5% in the number of exhibitors. In addition, it was fully booked six months before the opening.

Micronora 2012
Location: Micropolis exhibitions park , Boulevard West, Besançon – France
Dates: from September 25 to 28,  2012
Opens: every day from 9h00 am
Closes: Tu+ Thu 6 pm, We 7 pm and Fr 4 pm
To avoid any delay at the entrance of the show, download your free badge on http://www.micronora.com/demande-badge-visiteur_en.html