Delcam to launch new milling options in FeatureCAM at IMTS

Delcam will launch the 2013 release of its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software on booth E-3222 at the IMTS exhibition to be held in Chicago from 10th to 15th September.  This will offer a new series of options for three-axis milling and enhancements in five-axis machining, plus improvements in the turning and mill-turn modules.

FeatureCAM 2013 features step cutting to maximise metal removal with large roughing tools.

FeatureCAM was the world’s first feature-based programming software when it was launched in 1995. The main change to the 2013 FeatureCAM product family has been the introduction of three levels of 3D machining functionality. FeatureMILL 3D Lite offers single-surface machining with a basic range of strategies and so provides an introductory product for companies moving into 3D machining for the first time.

Greater number of strategies
FeatureMILL 3D MX provides a greater number of strategies, including spiral finishing, flowline finishing and rotary machining, support for multiple-surface machining and automated feature recognition.  It is aimed at companies with conventional machine tools and those that are machining softer materials. FeatureMILL HSM also contains all of the options for rest machining, such as pencil machining and corner clearance, and high-speed machining, including trochoidal machining and Delcam’s patented Race Line Machining.  It maximises the benefits of any investment in high-speed mills with strategies that maximise machine productivity while protecting the part, machine and cutter from excessive wear.

Many features
FeatureCAM HSM also includes a number of new strategies. Step cutting has been added within area clearance to remove large terraces that can be left on the part when using deeper roughing cuts.  FeatureCAM will now produce extra toolpaths that step back up the terrace with the existing large tool, adding extra cuts at intermediate levels.  This results in more material being removed, using the same tool within the same toolpath.

Some other characteristics

  • Enhanced automatic splitting of finishing between steep and shallow areas of the part
  • “Area filter” in both roughing and finishing strategies to remove small enclosed pockets within the part from the toolpath
  • New five-axis strategies available in FeatureCAM 2013 include flowline machining between two curves, pencil machining and corner re-machining.
  • New options have also been added to give smoother five-axis machining.
  • A new look-ahead capability will remove any sudden tool-axis changes during automatic collision avoidance
  • Ability to smooth the Azimuth and Elevation axes independently and so remove excessive five-axis movement.
  • And many more

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