Applitec: New cutting tool holder block for MultiSwiss

The new MultiSwiss machine from Tornos is already making a big impact. As its presence on the market grows, additional product suppliers are starting to bring out solutions which extend its possibilities. A case in point is Applitec, which has produced a tool holder head designed for cutting.

Specialists in bar turning tools, Applitec provide solutions which are specifically designed for machining parts from a few tenths of a millimetre to 32 mm. By using this dedicated cutting tool holder, MultiSwiss can benefit from this manufacturer’s well-known Top-Line range of inserts.

Perfectly interchangeable
The standard solution is a 16×16 bar on the tool, clamped in a tool holder which is then fixed on the slide. Tornos also offers its customers a second version composed of a solid base which houses a tool holder head. This offers advantages in terms of ergonomics, thanks to the improved accessibility and increased rigidity. Applitec, along with other suppliers, offers this type of tool holder head which is compatible with the Tornos block.
Standard inserts
Pascal Kohler, development manager at Applitec, explains: “Top-Line inserts are perfectly adapted to the MultiSwiss machine and the tests carried out with Tornos have confirmed our wish to ensure their compatibility with this extraordinary machine”.

The benefits
The height of the Applitec tool holder can be adjusted; it is secured with two easily accessible screws and the integrated coolant spray system comprises a standard and modular spray tube. Depending on requirements, it can be easily changed to allow coolant to be sprayed closer to the cut. The compact dimensions of this tool holder mean that very short workpieces can be picked up with the counter spindle, without the need for a special extended collet.

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