Weiss AG bets on CVD diamond

To strengthen its presence on the market, Weiss AG takes an additional step by investing in the latest laser technology which allows to machine perfectly not only PCD diamond cutting tools but also those in CVD. Thanks to this new technology, cutting edges impossible to realise before are now within reach. It is conceivable to cut almost all imaginable geometries, whether it be sharp or, rounded edges, positive or negative, with or without 3D chip breaker for an optimal chip evacuation.

CVD diamond thick film is a real cutting material in polycrystalline diamond without binder and hard metal substrate. It seduces by its high resistance to wear and the cutting edge it gives on cutting tools when they are machined by laser. The tool life can be 50 times longer than the PCD tools, regardless of the type of PCD. CVD diamond shows its considerable superiority compared to PCD when used on alloys of aluminum containing at least 12% of Si, on plastic reinforced by glass fibers with high percentage of glass, titanium alloys, on plastics reinforced by carbon fiber and on hard metal containing at least 12% of Co.

New technology to do better tools
With this latest laser machine, tools can be fully machined in a single clamping operation, including the needed chip breakers. The high speed of the laser dramatically reduces machining time. That was another reason for the acquisition of this innovative technology.

Thanks to this new laser technology, Weiss AG is now able to manufacture almost the full range of PCD and CVD diamonds tools, whether it be ISO removable inserts, milling or turning tools. All these tools are available with 3D chip breakers if needed. Of course the company also manufactures special tools with the latest laser technology.

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