Simultaneous turning and milling, multi-spindle production

Chiron presents eight machining centers with live demonstrations of metal-cutting at the AMB 2012 in Stuttgart. With the motto “Seconds ahead”, the company is presenting highly productive and efficient production solutions for countless applications in a wide variety of industries.

With the FZ12 MT to be discovered at AMB, simultaneous turning and milling is possible.

In hall 5, stand C12, the machine builder is showing solutions with which Chiron customers can best gain competitive advantages in terms of speed, precision and economy. There are two highlights in particular: For the first time in Germany at a trade fair, the FZ12 MT is being shown. It is for simultaneous turning and milling and the efficient six-sided complete machining of bars. The four-spindle TZ15 W Magnum is being premièred with new space saving background magazine for up to 4 x 52 (!) tools.

Simultaneous milling and turning means double the productivity
The FZ12 MT offers double the productivity thanks to halved throughput times. The compact and fast machining center with swivel head, turning spindle, tool revolver and opposed spindle make turning and milling possible at the same time by simultaneous use of two tools. For the greatest accuracy, it is equipped with up to eleven controllable axes with direct path measurement systems. The range of applications for the FZ12 MT is broad: The opposed spindle with swivel axis permits complex five-axis operations and six-sided workpiece machining with the highest surface quality. This innovation can be seen in the equipment variation with bar loader for the manufacture of brass circuit board carriers.

Four spindles with space saving background magazine
For especially complex machining on the four-spindle TZ15 W Magnum, Chiron is presenting for the first time a newly designed, space saving background magazine. The tools are vertically arranged in spirals, with the modular design permitting expansion up to 254 tools. The version shown at the trade fair has 4 x 52 tools. The TZ15 W Magnum, as a compact machining center, features very high productivity within a small area, thanks to its four spindles and high dynamics. For economic 5-sided machining of components, the machining center can also be equipped with a workpiece changing mechanism with integrated 2-axis NC swivel rotary tables. The machining of thermostat housings out of aluminium can be seen live.

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