Looking for performance in Micromachining

Micromachining is in a class of its own. Manufacturers and suppliers in this rapidly-growing sector work hard in order to gain the trust of the industry and research institutes. One company that has earned this trust is W-Präzisionstechnik from Eichendorf/Perbing in Bavaria, Germany.

Top quality micromachining. A 50 µm drill is barely visible to the naked eye.

Company owner Helmut Wandinger and his team are not only the first stop for micromachining, but also specialist for tricky applications and new materials. The high-quality equipment of the company, in addition to Wandinger’s expertise and experience, is what makes the entity so successful. The Bavarians rely on this combination of state-of-the-art, high-precision machines and cutting tools—and on the powRgrip® toolholding system from Swiss tool manufacturer REGO-FIX®—as the guarantee for perfect concentricity and stability, not to mention cost efficiency.

How to choose the toolholding system?
In order to select the best toolholding system for his company, Wandinger put several systems through their paces before choosing powRgrip®. “The absolutely precise concentricity and stability at maximum spindle speeds particularly impressed the Wandinger specialists,” remembered Peter Steinmassl, owner of Steinmassl Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG and the area representative of REGO-FIX.  “This is no surprise.   W-Präzisionstechnik’s micromachining tool reached a speed of 40,000 and above with the powRgrip® system.  This is compared to the previous maximum speed of 11,000 revolutions when conventional toolholding systems were used.”

Quick and easy…
According to Wandinger, the company has also found that fewer resonances arise with the powRgrip system. “ Simultaneously gun drilling with a 1.9 internally cooled drill 30xD in three different materials – steel, brass and aluminum – clamped in succession takes place so quickly that is seems more like a punching process,” Wandinger noted.  “The simple and quick handling of the powRgrip® system speaks for itself!”  

..and highly efficient
Wandinger has also been able to benefit from the cost efficiency of the system in addition to the technical advantages. “The biggest benefit since we started using the powRgrip system has been from a financial perspective”, Wandinger remarked.  “Not only have we seen reduced setup times, but we’ve also experienced increased tool service lives. Previously, we’ve been able to process 50 items in a current job, and thanks to the powRgrip® system, we are now able to process double that amount before a tool change is required.”

We will come back on these assets in a further issue of Eurotec.


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