Genuine and counterfeit parts clearly distinguishable

Just how important the counterfeit-proof marking of genuine parts has become for German industry today is evidenced by a figure published by the VDMA: Lost sales through product piracy amount to some 6.4 billion euros annually in the German machine and plant construction industry alone.

With the world’s first authentication robot, the Brandproof® from Polysecure, detecting and differentiating between genuine and fake parts can be automated. Not only parts without markers, but those with incorrect ones are reliably detected.

Today, every eleventh company affected by counterfeit products belongs to the plastics and rubber processing machine segment. Just how effective a practical marker system can be in the fight against product piracy will be demonstrated by Polysecure at the Motek in Stuttgart from 8 to 11 October using plastic demonstration parts produced by Arburg.

Chemical markers
With the optical and ceramic markers from Polysecure, it is now possible for the first time to reliably identify moulded parts as genuine supplier products as well as detecting forgeries that appear identical at first glance. The plastic material is labelled using a minute quantity of a chemical marker for this purpose. This material is heat-resistant up to 2,000°C, does not affect the material properties and is completely non-toxic as well as insoluble. The markers can be provided with a code containing, for example, information on the year of manufacture or batch number. This encoded information can then be read non-destructively using an x-ray fluorescence spectroscope. The material marker from Polysecure offers decisive advantages, for example in the case of property or personal damage claims regarding products which may not actually stem from the injection moulding company’s production.

No longer possible to cheat
Differentiating genuine and counterfeit parts – demonstration at the Motek trade fair. Together with WMV-Robotics, Polysecure will demonstrate its marker technologies and the associated detection methods live at the Motek. Because the marker powder from Polysecure can be mixed with numerous materials, this is also possible without problems in thermoplastics.
As demonstration parts for the Motek configuration, Arburg will provide shopping cart chips made from marked and unmarked plastic. At the joint Polysecure and WMV-Robotics exhibition stand in Hall 7, No. 7110, Polysecure’s Brandproof® robot will impressively demonstrate error-free sorting of the chips at high speed using the marker technology: genuine parts to the right, counterfeit ones to the left!

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