Assembly with laser projector to work faster and better

On the upcoming Motek Z-Laser presents laser projector LP-HFD with red or green laser source.

The company will also unveil the new 3D-measuring and projection system Z3D-Control with integrated stereo cameras, and will show how lasers can be used as an optical guiding system through the assembly process.

Positioning laser
To use positioning lasers in manufacturing is not exactly new. The laser projection has already being used successfully during assembly phases instead of technical drawings  by watchmakers. The laser projector is installed above the workstation and leads the fitter with visual support through the individual work steps and marks the next assembly part and the next location e.g. with a laser cross.

High precision beam
Due to the special focus mechanism, the width of a laser line is just 0.3 mm, thus precise laser projections in the form of article numbers, letters and any other form are possible. Whether watches or complete engines are manufactured, it is worth to use a laser projector for these high-quality objects even at small numbers. Later rework or expensive exchanges are avoided.

To be discovered at Motek, Stuttgart from October 08 to 11, 2012 in hall 3, booth 3005!

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