New drilling thread whirler

Dixi polytool recently presented its new thread whirler developed to solve some troubles in the aerospace industry.

The new Drilling thread whirler, Dixi 1740, Ø M3 and M2, Z = 2

The common machining method implied a few operations, namely spot drilling, drilling before threading, threading and finally drilling again to remove any possible burr. This is quite a lot of operations and the result was not perfect.

Problem solving tool
Results of the standard machining showed some burrs and cleanliness problems at the bottom of the thread, and then a manual operation was necessary to withdraw the burrs. With the new method using the Drilling thread whirler DIXI 1740, all the machining is performed in one operation with very good results and benefits.

The benefits

  • Simplified setting (1 single tool)
  • No more burrs at the bottom of the thread
  • 40% increased productivity
  • The use of the drilling thread whirler allows to anticipate a machining allowance (shift of nominal Ø)

Nowadays, the customer machines all similar wokpieces according to this new process.

Cutting conditions

  • Material: Alu 6061
  • Machine:  Machining centre
  • Lubricant:  Oil
  • Cutting data:  Vc = 100 m/min, fz = 0.025 mm

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