Precious M 080 laser sintering machine for the jewellery & watch industry

Cookson Precious Metals in partnership with EOS are presenting the Precious M 080 Laser Sintering Machine, which has been designed around the needs of the watch and jewellery industry to ensure ideal conditions and management of precious metal powder and parts.

Electro Optical Systems (EOS) have been offering application – optimized manufacturing solutions for product development since 1989. EOS gained market leadership by supporting numerous industries in Europe, North America and Asia in the use of Laser Sintering.

Successful partnership
The partnership with EOS means that Cookson Precious Metals can provide a full solution to both artisans and manufacturers alike. The Cookson Bureau service enables customers to order “one off” pieces or production volumes of their unique designs. With a fast turnaround of file assessment, quotations and production. The machine sales in conjunction with EOS will provide customers with full machine training supported by installation and maintenance agreements. Finally the ongoing powder sales will work seamlessly with the EOS machines and enable customers to concentrate on just designing and building beautiful parts. The full solution means the machine and the powder are ready for production with no further R&D required.

Cookson’s Metallurgical approach to technology
Cookson Precious Metals is a leading supplier of fabricated precious metals in Europe, a supplier of gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys, wire, sheet, tubing, coin blanks and casting grain. We are also a major precious metals refiner with London Bullion Market Association good delivery status.

The company’s  approach to laser sintering has been the development of the precious metal powder to work in conjunction with the EOS machines. Coockson’s knowledge of the assay requirements, Density / Porosity, Nickel Elution and the EU Nickel Directive, Copper Elution / Skin Staining requirements, Hardness, Heat Treatment Response and Colour have enabled the company to develop a solution that is tailor made for the Watch and jewellery industry.

Full solution
Cookson Precious Metals can offer an end to end solution for laser sintering technology and its application in the watch and jewellery industry.
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