The secret? On demand… 80% standard

To shorten the reaction time between specific requests of customers and delivery of machines, one of the areas of work is the implementation of products based on the combination of proven solutions; another is to dispose of stock of some of these components. At the occasion of the 75 years of Emissa, we met with Mr. Pierre Boschi director and owner to discuss on the history of the company, its forces, its products and its future.

Emissa is known for providing special machines finely adapted to all kinds of needs. Mr. Boschi says: “We make tailor-made products in a fully industrialized manner, if we want to remain on the market; we have to differentiate ourselves and provide more to our customers. Of course our solutions must be provided quickly with interesting costs for customers”. To achieve this, the manufacturer of Le Locle (Switzerland) relies on three strong points:

  • multispindle heads and modular elements of Pibomulti (another company of Mr. Boschi)
  • a seamless organization and
  • the fierce will to think outside the box.

75 years of success
The company was founded on the realisation of specialties. Mr. Boschi joined Emissa as a precision mechanic 50 years ago. Due to some different visions of orientation with the management, he founded Pibomulti 33 years ago with 20’000 Swiss Francs as capital. Following a wrong direction Emissa, as many other companies, lived some though times. Although having built new premises in 1986 Pibomulti was quickly looking for more space, hence the buying of Emissa S.A.
After a few years of lethargy the Emissa brand has been reactivated and new products are being launched seamlessly from 2002. Today Pibomulti and Emissa realise together a turnover of approximately 25 million Swiss Francs.

To look for solutions to go faster
Europe faces today the competition of an increase in production capacity and still relatively low costs everywhere in the world. To continue to produce in Europe manufacturers constantly look for new ways of production to allow them not only to carry out complex parts from small to very large series but also to carry them out quickly, with flexibility and at controlled costs. “It is the niche selected by Emissa, we do not focus on a field of application or on a range of dimensions, all our solutions are based on the concept of flexibility offered by Pibomulti” says Mr. Boschi.

We will enter into deeper details on Emissa’s “secret recipes” in Eurotec’s next issue.

A unique opportunity to visit Emissa

  • For its 75 years, Emissa opens its doors to the public
  • Dates: Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November 2012
  • Schedule: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Emissa SA
Jambe – Ducommun 18
2400 – Le Locle / Suisse
Tél : +41 32 933 06 66
Fax : +41 32 933 06 60
[email protected]