Clamping systems for beautiful items

Micro technology is the name of the new area for which the Röhm experts – for the first time – offer clamping solutions for small and smallest workpieces.

Power operated chuck KFG 90/8 with 8 jaws for even force distribution and deformation free centric clamping.

By using intelligent clamping technology for the watch, jewellery and medical industry, the company specializes in an area where delicate solutions are required, which do not deform the workpiece. Röhm shows innovative technology with high-tech chucks, mandrels and micro spindles as well as with synthetic grippers, precision vices and locking systems.

A new market for Röhm
“The Swiss manufacturers of luxury watches are very interested in our innovative clamping technology for small, deformation critical parts”, reports Damiano Casafina, deputy general manager of Röhm Spanntechnik AG in Switzerland. Under the name of micro technology, Röhm offers now the matching clamping technology tools for the machining of watch housings as well as delicate micro components such as stationary supports, clock units, gears or handles. “If the production of luxury watches in a five of six digit price range is on the line, then Haute Horlogerie companies do not want to take any risks during production”, continues Casafina.

Focus on the watch and jewellery industry
A novelty is – for example – the small power chuck KFG 90/8, which has a diameter of only 90 mm. With its 8 jaws, it offers an even and smooth force distribution for a deformation free and centric clamping of small parts. One jewellery manufacturer, for example, clamps wedding rings. And during watch manufacture, the centrifugal force compensation is appreciated, which is ideally suitable for the clamping of deformation sensitive parts.

Micro clamping systems smaller than a match
Röhm also focuses on applications in the medical industry. Implants for dental technology or for hip and knee joints are manufactured with chucks, centering chucks or micro clamping systems provided by the Sontheim clamping technology experts. In addition, micro clamping systems are used for requirements for which even HSK 25 is still not small enough.

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