Clamping force block with flexible chuck jaw monitoring

The Tandem KSP plus clamping force block from Schunk, the specialist for clamping technology and gripping systems, is setting new standards in automated manufacturing. For the first time ever, a standardized clamping force block provides for flexible monitoring along the whole jaw stroke.

Tandem KSP plus clamping force blocks with jaw monitoring increase flexibility and ensure process stability for automated machine loading.

Whether using I.D. or O.D. clamping: With a few grips the positions “opened“ or ”clamped“ for any base jaw position can be adjusted. Monitoring is done via two inductive proximity switches, which are integrated in two special recesses of the base jaws. The system is sealed, and is therefore resistant against dirt. Since the signal can be directly processed in the machine control unit, the flexible queried clamping force blocks can be quickly and easily integrated into existing machines.

To ensure exact results
The compact clamping block disposes of clamping force and precision. Its one-piece, rigid base body, the wedge hook kinematics and long ground jaw guidances provide for concentrated clamping forces of up to 55 kN. The excellent repeat accuracy of up to 0.01 mm also ensures exact results. Therefore they are absolutely suitable for demanding milling operations at a high metal removal rate, high cycle times, and minimum tolerances. Due to the two integrated jaw interfaces, top jaws with tongue and groove, and jaws with a fine serration can be used.

Quick change system
On option, the clamping force blocks are also available with a jaw quick-change system. The optimized outside contour and the minimum gaps prevent the build-up of dust pockets, or that chips and dust will penetrate into the clamping block. A special fitting screw ensures that the clamping block can be exchanged at the highest repeat accuracy. As of size 100, the Tandem KSP plus clamping force blocks are equipped with the jaw monitoring system.

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