Precision machining at Prodex

The Newemag | Schneider mc booth at Prodex is visible from the main entrance. As the fairground is undergoing vast transformations, the main entrance had to be moved at the end of hall 1.0.

Thus the Newemag |Schneider mc booth is the first that you can visit in the morning. Mr. Habermacher, responsible for marketing says: “We will welcome you with pleasure with coffee and croissants and we look forward to your visit. In Basel, we will present, among other things, on stand A21 in hall 1.0 a range of productive solutions for the three Miyano models”.

Matsuura LX-160 – the new generation with linear motors  on 5 axes
Matsuura has responded to the demands of the market in the field of precision high-speed machining and developed this model in three variants. The LX-160 machining centre acts as a central model and combines in one machine all the necessary characteristics for precision machining at high speed.

Rigid construction
During the design of the 5-axis vertical machining center with linear motors, Matsuura’s engineers have focused on the rigidity of the machine. The ultra high speed spindle reaches 46’000 rpm while producing little noise and vibration. The fast feed rate on the linear axes reach 90 m/min and up to 200 rpm on the rotation axes. The displacement of the rotation point of the B axis located below the surface of pallets reduces axes movements wile milling in 5 simultaneous axes. This help reduce cycle times. With 91 pallets available in option and the possibility of extending the tools store up to 338 tools, this machine offers all conditions required for unmanned production.

Miyano BNA Range – successful market introduction
Two years ago, the BNA-42 S with counter-spindle, was presented at the Prodex 2010 in Basel. At the Newemag’s open house in 2011, the company introduced the BNA-42 DHY with counter-spindle, Y axis and a second revolver. At the 2012 SIAMS in Moutier, the BNA-42 MSY was unveiled. This machine equipped with a counter-spindle and a B-axis works on the basis of a Mitsubishi M70V numerical control. The main features of the BNA models, i.e. a strong reduction of downtime and cycle time as well as reduced footprint, have convinced the Swiss market. Two years after its launch, the Miyano’s BNA range is today well established and makes successful customers on the market.

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