New Laser Micromachining course

FSRM organizes a new course on laser micromachining on November 12 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The course is aimed at engineers, technical managers and those interested in gaining a wider understanding of laser micromachining systems, techniques and applications.

This course is primarily aimed at introducing the basic concepts of laser micromachining and allowing participants to appreciate the practical elements involved in undertaking laser micromachining tasks. It is suitable for those with a basic interest in microsystems, MEMS and general micro-manufacturing and does not require a deep knowledge of mathematics or physics. The course includes numerous videos and examples of high precision laser micromachining.

  • Introduction to lasers & optics
  • Current status of laser micromachining
  • Basics of laser ablation
  • Types of lasers used in micromachining
  • Laser micromachining systems
  • Optics for laser micromachining systems
  • Laser micromachining techniques
  • Industrial applications of laser micromachining
  • Emerging developments

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