Additive manufacturing: technology, trends and knowledge

Additive manufacturing offers an enormous potential for faster, more economical and sustainable production. In order to exploit these capabilities comprehensive information on new developments of materials, techniques and machinery is indispensable.

The 10th Rapid.Tech, which takes place from May 14 to 15, 2013, is the perfect place for gathering all the information and for exchanging knowledge. This is ensured, on the one hand, by the clear focus on finished products. On the other hand, the close correlation between application-oriented lectures and exhibition program provides added value. Rapid.Tech 2013 in Erfurt (Germany) will also be the stage for the 7th Student Design & Engineering Award for Rapid Manufacturing.

A new way to manufacture
Shorter product life cycles, increasing cost pressure, rising environmental demands and dwindling resources require rethinking the way of manufacturing in many industries. An answer to this can be additive manufacturing (AM) – not only in prototyping but also in in small and large scale manufacturing. Thus it is no surprise that industry analyst Wohlers Associates has confirmed a growth of almost 30% in 2011 for the additive manufacturing industry and has forecasted an annual growth rate in the double digit range for the upcoming years.

The answers we all need
However, which possibilities does additive manufacturing offer for faster, more economical and sustainable production and how can they be used in an optimised way? Answers to these questions will be provided at the 10th Rapid.Tech taking place on 14th and 15th of May 2013 in Erfurt (Germany), which has become one of the leading events for application-oriented additive manufacturing over the past ten years.

For those who would like to read an example of success story in the additive manufacturing, you can read the recent Eurotec storie about Ecoparts here.