The minis are coming – power chucks with an extra small interference contour

Minimal clamping device interference contour and even less mass – Hainbuch’s response to these requirements: TOPlus mini, the chuck with the extra small interference contour. These two factors play an ever-greater role in complete machining.

Direct comparison shows the size difference between the TOPlus mini [left] and the standard TOPlus chuck [right].

Accessibility of the tools and lower energy consumption are the characteristics of a modern and future-oriented clamping device. Today, more than ever before, work piece blanks have less oversize. Therefore, it is not chip size, but rather the complete machining that is to keep an eye on. Through better tool accessibility, with chucks of the mini series, shorter and thus more stable tools, can be used on the main and sub spindles. Which has a direct influence on the surface quality. For Hainbuch, once again a real challenge. The result of the creative design process is an entirely new chuck series for which not only the mass has been reduced by 38%, but the chuck diameter and the overall length have also been considerably minimized: Namely by 1/3 or 1/4.

Small in design – big in performance
This makes the “minis” really “big”. The reduced interference contour facilitates the selection of the suitable tool, and satisfies the requirements imposed by the small installation spaces available, particularly for sub spindle machines. In series operation, in particular, the lower mass is reflected in lower energy requirements. Thanks to more dynamic spindle acceleration the cycle time is reduced. Overall the costs per work piece are reduced. This is Hainbuch minimalism!

Key advantages:

  • Significantly reduced interference contour
  • Ideal for situations with limited installation space
  • Lower mass
  • Reduced energy requirements
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Lower costs per work piece
  • Available from the end of September 2012

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