Swiss pavilions at Hannover Messe 2013

The Hanover Fair offers a unique platform for entrepreneurial and sustainable industrial actions to an international audience through solutions and innovations. In budgeting period, it may be an important step to plan for 2013.

As every year, Osec organizes joint booths in the “Industrial Supply” and “Research & Technology” halls. New in 2013, you also have the possibility to exhibit under the Swiss Flag on the “IndustrialGreenTec 2013”.

Main assets

  • The SWISS Pavilions will be clearly identifiable by its Swissness and offers a strong presence. With its attractive design it will achieve a high degree of attention, which is the ideal requirement for showcasing customer’s products and innovations.
  • The SWISS Pavilions will be prominently situated, which is the ideal platform to highlight your innovations.
  • The SWISS Pavilions reduces your administrative and organisational workload for your participation and ensures a professional service. The Osec project team will take care of all organisational and administrative arrangements – before, during and after the exhibition (in French and German).
  • The SWISS Pavilions provides an efficient infrastructure and professional services, including a fully equipped exhibition module, serviced hospitality and conference facilities and joint marketing and networking activities.

You can download all the information here:


For more information you can contact Mr. Reto Schoch, project manager with OSEC at Tel. +41-44-400 33 50, Fax +41-44-400 33 51, [email protected]