The missing link

Ehn & Land is one of the most successful sales organisation in Scandinavia in the field of microtechnology and high precision machining. Since 2012 the CEO, Ulf Karaker, wanted to broaden his horizon and has successfully created a new sister company, Ehn & Land Asia Pacific (and another one in 2006: Ehn & Land international based in Switzerland).

The 1950’s family owned company has built its success on their motto: “Our customers’ success is our success”. Mr. Karaker says: “We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our customers. Our goal is to be a natural part of their day-to-day business so that we can provide them with solutions that increase their competitiveness and profitability”.

Asia is growing… with or without us
“A lot of European companies are working in Asia now and they sometimes miss a global partner like us to help them finding and building the best manufacturing solution” says Ulf karaker. He adds: “Dietmar Kogler our CEO for Asia-Pacific has a good track record in Asia and many companies know that they can rely on him to help them”. Nowadays the company is officially representing about 10 Swiss and European companies providing high-end tooling and material and is involved in helping Swiss machine-tools manufacturers in doing business in south-east Asia. “The market is there and companies are more and more demanding of high quality solutions. We are building the Ehn & Land brand in these countries and we are convinced we can play a major role in the success of our customers there” says the CEO.

New business model
Ehn & Land International buys machines, overhauls them and sells them like new machines, with guarantee and even with training and service if needed. The result is clearly not a mere second-hand machine business but a completely new economic model, like a missing link between second-hand machines and new ones.

The machines proposed by Ehn & Land International are high-end machines only (automatic lathes and grinding machines only) and can be delivered worldwide. The CEO says: “Our business is to be with our customers day after day to help them solve their problems and for that we know we want to stick to our concept of high quality machines”. And the business starts to be successful; the company has already sold a few machines in Europe and overseas. Questioned about the relation with machine-tools builders and the competitive aspects on this business model on them, Mr. Karaker explains: “We are not in competition with them, we mainly aim to help people in our network to do business and our volumes are small. Therefore we can help machine-tools builder too”.

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Ehn & Land Asia-Pacific PTE. Ltd.
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In Switzerland and worldwide
Ehn & Land International
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“The success of our leading sales team lies in its customer focus as well as our added values such as experience, know-how, high availability and service level”. – Ulf Karaker, CEO