Small round fine centering system at Prodex

Agathon LTD. Standard Parts will present on its booth (Hall 1.1, stand K12), the smaller version of the round fine centering system that was already successfully introduced on the market. The system is designed as a preloaded rolling guide and therefore, due to the preload, absolutely free of play. The used profile rollers allow the application under extremely high loads and provide smooth running.

Round Fine Centering system for the mold construction and other applications needing locking and positioning.

Even without lubrication there is almost no abrasion and no wear. The integrated cage retaining system enables the complete disengagement of the cage out of the bush/preload. The guide-way, respectively the guide length, under preload, is limited by the structure. During installation, the designer has a high degree of freedom. It only requires a minimum of 2 centerings. The round mounting holes are cheaper to realize than cubic receiving pockets for conventional guide blocks.

For many applications
The product was developed for the mold construction, but can also be used in the punching tool or in other applications as “locking” / positioning of two plates to one another. It should be noted that the stroke rate is limited to approx. 150 strokes / min, and the design of the cage retaining spring is not designed for a service life as it can usually be expected from rolling guides. Often these applications have primarily static loads, e.g. when used in a precision blanking die for locking the mold halves instead of pins / pillars and sliding bushes, whereby this point is again relativized.
Four standard sizes are available from stock. A patent is pending.

Die shoes & die sets* made of carbon fiber
(*patent pending) will also be exhibited
Thanks to the low specific weight of 1.65kg/dm3, the high stiffness, and also the dimensional stability, the temperature, oil, acid and acetone resistance of CFRP; applications in die sets are possible for high-precision stamping operations or at high stroke rates. Further applications with asymmetric loads such as occur, for example, in C tools can be taken. Machined plates made of CFRP can be used in robots and handling systems (e.g. turntable systems with molds for injecting more than 1 type of plastic) as well as in the machine construction. Due to the lower specific weight of carbon fiber the mass to be accelerated is reduced and thanks to the high stiffness possible vibrations are avoided or minimized. As an example: at 20 Hz a carbon fiber die set only reaches 1/20 of the vibration level of a steel die set.  CFRP, as an innovative approach, enables maximum precision in tool and machine construction.

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