The elementary component of every machine construction

At Swisstech, mbo Osswald will present many various standardised components on its booth H25 on Hall 2.1.

Various standardised components are available to ensure the functional and safe design of any construction.

mbo Osswald offers a wide selection of standardised machine elements:

  • Axle holders DIN 15058
  • Set collars DIN 705
  • Taper keys with gip head DIN 6887
  • Tangential keys DIN 268 and 271
  • Parallel keys DIN 6885
  • Woodruff keys DIN 6888
  • Nuts for T-slots DIN 508
  • Cardan joints DIN 808

The Kuelsheim-based linking technology specialist mbo Osswald stocks these machine elements in steel and stainless steel. Even the type of surface protection can be selected – e.g. uncoated or galvanised.

Dedicated solutions
mbo Osswald offers its customers, with an extremely large assortment of different linking elements, a wide selection for a multitude of possible applications. In addition to steel and stainless steel, clevises, clevis joints, angle joints, rod ends, bolts and the like are also available in seawater-resistant steel for special applications.
In addition, a team of skilled experts is available which is geared towards satisfying special customer-specific requirements as well. This team can both work according to drawing specifications and together with the customer implement an application-specific solution.

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