Innovative and revolutionary beryllium-free copper alloy

Ampco Metal introduces a new copper-nickel-silicone-chromium alloy developed as an alternative to beryllium copper for industrial applications requiring a combination of strength and high thermal conductivity. These unique properties of Ampcoloy® 944 are attained through specially-developed and proprietary manufacturing processes and complex alloy compositions.

Ampcoloy® 944 inserts used in molds for Automotive industry, beryllium-free.

Indeed, this ground-breaking new copper alloy, Ampcoloy® 944, provides the right balance between an average hardness of 28 HRC and a thermal conductivity of 156 W/m.K, 5 to 6 times greater than P-20 tool steel, 6 to 7 times greater than H-13 tool steel and electrical conductivity of approx. 35% IACS.

To reduce molding time…
Ampcoloy® 944 is the answer to customer needs and requirements to reduce both material scrap and machining time. Typical applications include mold tooling for plastics processing, highly suitable for the injection and blow mold inserts for a wide range of plastics materials due to the alloy very good corrosion resistance to PVC resins as well as excellent results in thermoforming.
Plastics processors rely on Ampcoloy® 944 for cores and cavities, where it reduces molding cycle times, decreases post-mold part distortion, produces more parts per hour, increase design flexibility, remove heat uniformity and improves dimensional stability of the plastic parts.

..and gain service life
Higher hardness also lengthens service life of the mold and lowers machining and production costs, as Ampcoloy® 944 requires no additional heat treatment. Ampcoloy® 944 can be used for applications demanding higher hardness levels as cores, core inserts, cavities-inserts, runner-less molding systems, hot runner nozzles, core pins, blow pins, ejector sleeve core combinations, sprue bushings, neck and tail pinch offs.

Great flexibility
With its great electrical conductivity properties of approx. 35% IACS, Ampcoloy® 944 can also be used in resistance welding applications and Integrated Circuits chips production fields.
Ampcoloy® 944 is available from stock in round rod dia. 1” up to 4” (dia. 25 mm up to dia. 100 mm) and plate up to 4” thick (100mm thickness). Other forms available on request include forged shapes made-to-order and finished-machined parts per customer drawings.