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And here we are: again the end of the year. Once again this year was full of interesting discoveries and I would like to thank all the companies that opened their doors to my enquiring pen. Thank you to have allowed me to write all these nice stories!
Happy 2013
Indeed we are already working on Eurotec’s next issue(s) to bring you valuable information about our microtechnology world… and there are always many stories and pieces of news to communicate about! … stay tuned!

Thank you ALL
We at Eurotec would like to thank all the companies and people we’re working with for their confidence and support.
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Innovative small series mould saves time and costs

The innovative small series mould K3600/… has been coordinated exclusively by Hascoto the new Clever Mold System CMS from B&R and developed for the cost-effective production of practical small production runs to save time and costs in mouldmaking and tooling design.
K3600/… allows users to change the mould quickly and efficiently on all conventional injection moulding systems equipped with the respective clamping system.

In the CMS it has been possible to integrate many standard components of a conventional injection moulding tool into the clamping device. This offers far more possibilities than a traditional quick-clamping system, for example a fully functional area of the selected mould size, no restriction through inserts and no reduced ejector assembly areas.

Turnkey solution
The small series mould K3600/… offered exclusive by Hascois a “clever standard product package” consisting of mould plates, ejector assembly and all associated components. It offers a perfect supplement to the CMS. The standard plates are available in the materials 1.2767 and Toolox 33. The four available conventional mould sizes are compatible with the K range.

Minus 65% set-up time
An average mould change on a medium-sized conventional injection moulding tool with conventional clamping using a clamp and screws takes approximately 30 minutes. Through the use of the Clever Mold System with the small series mould K3600/…, the setup times can be reduced to 10.5 minutes and the mould costs lowered significantly. More than 250 such injection moulding tools are already being successfully used in permanent operation.

Hasco Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG
Römerweg 4
D-58513 Lüdenscheid
Tel. (02351) 95 70
Fax (02351) 95 72 37
[email protected]

ISO inserts soon available from stock at Innotools

The company based in Le Locle always proposes new idea when it comes to better serve its clients. From 2013, this dynamic SME will offer ISO turning inserts available from stock. To discuss about that as well as about Conceptools and Innotools’ actuality we’ve met with Mr. David Millet, the director of the two companies.
You choose the tool you need, fill your specific information and send the form back to Conceptools/Innotools. To order tailor-made tools is as easy as that.

In the news for 2013, the catalogue of Conceptools/Innotools will include many new references at the level of the micro end mills (for example, these will be available up to 12 mm instead of 2.9 mm up to today), angler mills or even moulding mills for example. And all of these tools will be available from stock. Mr. Millet says: “At the release of this new edition of the catalogue, its thickness will be doubled”.

Tools on demand…
With regard to the implementation of special tools (one of the strengths of the company), it will move further towards simplicity. The catalogue includes many drawing for many kinds of tools and the interested client will only have to indicate the desired specific dimensions and return the drawing by surface mail, fax or e-mail for a quick production start.

…and turning inserts
In addition to the above examples, from 2013 Innotools will also offers ISO turning inserts. Why this evolution? The director tells us: “Due to the extensive coverage of the markets we deal with, we are in contact with many customers and it is simply them who have asked us to offer such inserts”. As for the other tools offered by Conceptools, the inserts are of high quality with an interesting price/quality ratio. The company can simply not afford to deliver products outside its concept of high quality and service to the customers.

The catalog seems of interest to you? It will be available in the first quarter 2013, we will come back on it as soon as available.

To read recent articles related to Conceptools and Innotools:

Conceptools / Innotools SA
Rue du Temple 18
CH-2400 Le Locle
Tel. + 41 32 933 97 33
Fax + 41 32 933 97 34
[email protected]

Inauguration and new kind of lathe in 2013

Yesterday I was  at Schaublin machine’s in Bévilard to discuss with M. Muster its CEO about the newly presented 142 7AX-Y-CP with optional integrated loading and unloading robot. (There will be an article in next issue). It was also the occasion to gather some information about the new building’s construction.
The new plant’s work, started February 3 with the first hit in the ground (during a ceremony reuniting the authorities, the Board of Directors, the CEO of the company as well as the architects), is growing fast. Today half of the employees of Schaublin Machines have moved there and at the end of January 2013 the whole staff will work in the new premises.

June 21, 2013, inauguration…
The official inauguration will take place on June 21. Mr. Muster says: ‘With this new building that we wanted very functional, simple and of quality, we finally have a plant offering working conditions and an image at the level of the reputation of our products”. The company will be able to receive its customers from all around the world with pride.

…and more!
On the occasion of this event, Schaublin Machines will present as world preview a lathe of a whole new genre. Mr. Muster says: “This new machine will enable us to reach new markets and offer the Schaublin quality for new applications”. This totally innovative machining solution will then be launched at the EMO in Hanover in September 2013. (We will come back on this revolution as soon as possible). In addition Mr. Muster says that the inauguration might be full of surprises, but we don’t know anything more today. I’ll post as soon as I know.

Reasonable expectations
“The sales for the 136 are growing well, and for the first time in its history, Schaublin Machines has sold machines to Chinese private customers” says Mr. Muster when speaking of this machine. He adds: “The 136 range has proved being a good commercial start”. And if the company shows no extraordinary results for 2012, it finished the year with brio and his order book is well filled for the first quarters of 2013. Mr. Muster is convinced that the machines industry in Switzerland has a future, as long as what has made its strength remains valid, namely, uncompromising quality and permanent innovation.

Schaublin Machines SA
Rue Principale 4
2735 Bévilard
Tél. +41 32 491 67 00
Fax +41 32 491 67 08
[email protected]

NX EasyFill Analysis –Moldex3D integrated in NX 8.5

SimpaTec, one of the leading software and engineering partner for the plastic processing industry and reseller of Moldex3D, appreciates to announce that Moldex3D, the leading mold filling simulation technology has been integrated with the latest release of NX™ software, Siemens’ flagship computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) solution.
NX EasyFix_Eurotec
The maximum cooling time shows the estimated cooling time required under the given design and process conditions.

NX EasyFill Analysis will enable the innovative and professional mold filling simulation technologies to further enhance the mold design-to-manufacturing process for users of NX 8.5. Siemens’ PLM software business unit started distributing and supporting NX EasyFill Analysis globally with the release of NX 8.5.

CAE analyses
Cristoph Hinse, Managing Director of SimpaTec, stated: “Modern injection molding simulation tools have been recognized to have a great impact on product development and cost management. The key to solve fundamental questions for molding and process optimization is the complete visualization of the process. With the integration of Moldex3D in NX designers are able to directly launch CAE analyses and acquire precise simulation results, such as filling, packing, cooling, warpage, fiber orientation, insert molding, etc., to optimize the product design and producibility. We are looking forward to a close and prosperous cooperation with Siemens PLM Software.”

Check critical factors in the design environement
NX EasyFill Analysis enables designers to easily check potential manufacturing defects without leaving the NX design environment. It helps users tackle significant molding issues more efficiently to optimize gate number/locations, material selection, or process conditions. Additionally, Moldex3D provides more advanced capabilities in its “eDesignSYNC for NX” to support packing, cooling, fiber orientation and warpage predictions. It allows NX users to visualize more critical molding factors and evaluate the results, such as sink marks, overpacking, or thermal displacement and part shrinkage.

SimpaTec GmbH
Cristoph Hinse
Schloss-Rahe-Strasse 15
52072 Aachen, Germany
Phone: 0241-9367 15-00
Fax: 0241-9367 15-99
[email protected]

“Everything can be measured”

EMO Hannover 2013 will be showcasing state-of-the-art image processing systems in a web-based production environment. Faster, more reliable, more accurate, more flexible – the requirements for the production metrology of the future are very demanding.. to be discovered in Hannover.
The EMO Hannover 2013 will be addressing all the trends of relevance for production operations, responsively showcased for the target groups involved under the motto of “Intelligence in Production”. One of the major focuses here will be how to handle information from measuring instruments in the web-based environment of Industry 4.0.

To work faster and more cost-efficiently
The net sees everything, knows everything and forgets nothing: via web-based customer portals, users can already obtain a complete picture of all the data from the measuring instruments and systems being deployed. Most of these portals are based on a service-oriented architecture, thus optimising operational behaviours and significantly shortening repair and maintenance time. Web-based information platforms enable present-day users to work faster and more cost-efficiently, benefiting from simplified access to all instrument information. Thus design engineers, R&D staff or purchasers can get all the data they need on their screens by barcode-scanning of the instruments involved.

With measured tread into the future
The EMO Hannover 2013 will show the direction in which production metrology is moving for the future, more or less with a “measured tread”. A working group of the VDI/VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (GMA) has already ventured a look into the future with its “Roadmap 2020 for Production Metrology”. It identifies four major focuses for future production operations.

  • Resource-efficient and transparent production processes
  • Quality
  • Productivity and
  • Flexible production (this includes workpiece detection, intelligent robot, gripper and safety engineering with image processing and image-based control)

More and more integrated
Particularly stringent requirements will apply here for process-integrated work-piece and tool measurements. The incorporation of metrological technology into the process ranges from sensors that are utilised directly by the machine concerned to autonomous metrological systems that are integrated via interfaces in the material and information flows of the industrial production processes involved.

PS: We will come back on integrated measuring systems in Eurotec soon.

Custom-made products at standard conditions

All machines contain standard mechanical components such as spacer sleeves or shim rings. Misumi can supply these components in customized dimensions with no small-volume sur-charge.
Spoilt for choice: Misumi supplies spacer sleeves or shim rings with no small-volume surcharge even for orders of just one item, whether standard or customized designs.

When non-standard spacer sleeves, washers or shim rings are required for a machine, having these parts manufactured internally or externally is often the only option. For small quantities, this can prove extremely costly in terms of both time and money. The Japanese manufacturer and supplier of mechanical standard, purchased and made-to-order mechanical parts for automation technology and special-purpose machinery offers an alternative solution.

Quick and easy
These purchased parts are featured in both its hardcopy and online catalogues as freely configurable standard or precision designs. Parts are delivered within eight days. There is no need to supply a part drawing when ordering, and the process is made even simpler thanks to a clear order code with an article number containing all crucial information.

Many components can be configured to individual specifications in increments of 0.1 millimeters. Dimensions, material options, surface treatment and hardness are linked with the rele-vant price and delivery times in clearly laid-out tables. This means that customers do not have to enquire about delivery times and prices. What’s more, the discount tables provided make it much easier to order larger quantities. This eliminates the need for itemized requests for special dimensions or surface treatments, meaning that the costing process for custom solutions takes no longer than for standard components. This not only applies to shims and sleeves or screws and magnets, but to all products in the Misumi catalogue.

Misumi Europa GmbH
Katharina-Paulus-Str. 6
65824 Schwalbach/Ts., Germany
Tel. +49 61 96 77 46 0
Fax +49 61 96 77 46 360