New and expanded holemaking portfolio

In an increasingly complex manufacturing marketplace, industrial technology innovator Kennametal presents its new product range. Marked by “Different Thinking,” the Kennametal lineup includes innovative modular drills, first-to-market asymmetric Y-TECH™ drills, proprietary flat-bottom drills, solid-carbide taps particularly for mild steels, and much more.

GOdrill Microdrill_Eurotec
Godrill Microdrill – starting from 1mm these drills are certainly micro for the manufacturer more used to bigger sizes.

Support everywhere
From the initial drilling of the hole to finishing and tapping, Kennametal’s Holemaking Team supports customers with industry-leading tooling and knowledge-based solutions proven in both manufacturing and application. From design and engineering to finish-ground coated tools, the Kennametal Holemaking Team exemplifies the highest degree of care and vertical integration, managing each vital step in-house. Kennametal’s expansive Holemaking Portfolio is thoroughly detailed in the new 2013 Kennametal Innovations Master Cutting Tools catalog. The book highlights the company’s new products, including those most eagerly awaited by manufacturers in this fast-paced market. The following advances to the Kennametal Holemaking Portfolio prove that Kennametal is prepared to meet and exceed any challenges.

The catalogue is already a tool
The comprehensive tool selection guide included in the new Kennametal Innovations Master Cutting Tools catalog helps customers locate the most appropriate tooling solution specifically for their unique needs. This easy-to-use guide, organized by diameter, hourly rate, and precision, not only features key benefits of the Kennametal Holemaking Portfolio, but also a helpful visual aid to help users quickly identify the most suitable and effective tooling platform for their particular applications.

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