Custom-made products at standard conditions

All machines contain standard mechanical components such as spacer sleeves or shim rings. Misumi can supply these components in customized dimensions with no small-volume sur-charge.
Spoilt for choice: Misumi supplies spacer sleeves or shim rings with no small-volume surcharge even for orders of just one item, whether standard or customized designs.

When non-standard spacer sleeves, washers or shim rings are required for a machine, having these parts manufactured internally or externally is often the only option. For small quantities, this can prove extremely costly in terms of both time and money. The Japanese manufacturer and supplier of mechanical standard, purchased and made-to-order mechanical parts for automation technology and special-purpose machinery offers an alternative solution.

Quick and easy
These purchased parts are featured in both its hardcopy and online catalogues as freely configurable standard or precision designs. Parts are delivered within eight days. There is no need to supply a part drawing when ordering, and the process is made even simpler thanks to a clear order code with an article number containing all crucial information.

Many components can be configured to individual specifications in increments of 0.1 millimeters. Dimensions, material options, surface treatment and hardness are linked with the rele-vant price and delivery times in clearly laid-out tables. This means that customers do not have to enquire about delivery times and prices. What’s more, the discount tables provided make it much easier to order larger quantities. This eliminates the need for itemized requests for special dimensions or surface treatments, meaning that the costing process for custom solutions takes no longer than for standard components. This not only applies to shims and sleeves or screws and magnets, but to all products in the Misumi catalogue.

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