Inauguration and new kind of lathe in 2013

Yesterday I was  at Schaublin machine’s in Bévilard to discuss with M. Muster its CEO about the newly presented 142 7AX-Y-CP with optional integrated loading and unloading robot. (There will be an article in next issue). It was also the occasion to gather some information about the new building’s construction.
The new plant’s work, started February 3 with the first hit in the ground (during a ceremony reuniting the authorities, the Board of Directors, the CEO of the company as well as the architects), is growing fast. Today half of the employees of Schaublin Machines have moved there and at the end of January 2013 the whole staff will work in the new premises.

June 21, 2013, inauguration…
The official inauguration will take place on June 21. Mr. Muster says: ‘With this new building that we wanted very functional, simple and of quality, we finally have a plant offering working conditions and an image at the level of the reputation of our products”. The company will be able to receive its customers from all around the world with pride.

…and more!
On the occasion of this event, Schaublin Machines will present as world preview a lathe of a whole new genre. Mr. Muster says: “This new machine will enable us to reach new markets and offer the Schaublin quality for new applications”. This totally innovative machining solution will then be launched at the EMO in Hanover in September 2013. (We will come back on this revolution as soon as possible). In addition Mr. Muster says that the inauguration might be full of surprises, but we don’t know anything more today. I’ll post as soon as I know.

Reasonable expectations
“The sales for the 136 are growing well, and for the first time in its history, Schaublin Machines has sold machines to Chinese private customers” says Mr. Muster when speaking of this machine. He adds: “The 136 range has proved being a good commercial start”. And if the company shows no extraordinary results for 2012, it finished the year with brio and his order book is well filled for the first quarters of 2013. Mr. Muster is convinced that the machines industry in Switzerland has a future, as long as what has made its strength remains valid, namely, uncompromising quality and permanent innovation.

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