Product variety and synergies in focus

With effect from October 1, 2012, the management company of the Chiron-Werke GmbH has acquired a 75.1% stake of the Scherer Feinbau GmbH, which is head-quartered in the Lower Franconian city of Mömbris.
Mr. Frank Scherer, who until now was the sole shareholder, retains a 24.9% stake and continues to serve the company as managing director. A further managing director, Mr. Volker Göddertz, has been appointed, who until now was the head of procurement and logistics at Chiron-Werke in Tuttlingen.

Additional expertise
The addition of Scherer Feinbau GmbH, the successful manufacturer of vertical lathes, means the Chiron Group has gained additional expertise in production solutions for lathing. Since the business segments are similar, synergies in international marketing and service as well as in manufacture can be expected.

Turnkey solutions to complement the range
The Scherer Feinbau GmbH stands for modern vertical lathes for chuck and shaft parts, often associated with automation solutions. The company was founded in 1978 and is mostly involved with project business and is known as a reliable partner of the automotive industry. Its turnkey production solutions have been put to use around the world. In the financial year 2012, the 180 employees will probably achieve a turnover of about 60 million euros. The new owner emphasises continuity. At the Alzenau location, new construction is being planned.

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