Two new machining centres with 3 to 5 simultaneous axes

Tornos recently unveiled its new high-precision vertical Almac CU 2007 machining centre. This machining centre has longer strokes than its smaller cousin, the CU 1007. Tornos is aiming to expand its activity on a global scale in the milling sector, and to meet demands in other industries, including microtechnology, while preserving the high precision and expertise for which Almac centres have become renowned throughout the watchmaking sector.


Two new machines have been developed as part of this strategy: the Almac CU 2007 with its 500 mm X stroke and the Almac CU 3007 with a 700 mm X stroke, which will be available in early 2013. The new range represents a dual development: the ability to machine both the toughest materials and workpieces up to 10 times larger than the CU 1007 can handle. The new Almac CU 2007 and Almac CU 3007 machining centres are high-performance machines capable of machining up to 5 simultaneous axes with high-precision repeatability. This is thanks in large part to its design, and to its basic mechanical components developed using the very latest technology.

Tool magazine: renowned design, high precision, speed, high capacity
To enable major machining operations, the two Tornos machines are equipped with HSK 40E cones, which are renowned for their rigidity and performance and can store tools of up to 80 mm in diameter and 200 mm in length. The machines are equipped as standard with a 24-position tool changer which can be optionally increased to 40 positions. The tool changing system has been developed to offer sufficient machining capacity for complex workpieces in 5 simultaneous axes, “This technical choice was based on reliability and performance; it had to allow us to perform quick changes while guaranteeing a high level of precision and rigidity”, explains Lucien Cassotti, product manager and head of R&D for Almac products.

Spindle: quiet, efficient, rigid, powerful, accurate
With extremely short chip to chip times, Almac machines are way ahead of even their most efficient competitors, and that includes the spindle. Capable of even the most demanding machining operations, it offers torque of 11.8 Nm, short acceleration and a speed of 20,000 rpm. This high-end spindle offers the possibility of centralised cooling.

We will come back on these new machines soon.

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