The watchmaking machine of the future

Tornos has a well established reputation in the field of bar turning for watchmaking, but never before the launch of Swiss Nano had a manufacturer gone so far ahead in design, ergonomics and integration research into a human-machine interface with a radical focus on efficiency and simplicity.
For more than 100 years, Tornos has been manufacturing machines aimed at watchmaking, and for around twenty years the company has been providing NC solutions to meet highly specific watchmaking requirements (Deco 7, 10, Micro 7/8, Delta 12 and EvoDeco 10, to mention only the best known). Therefore the company knows the market and has had its engineers pull out all the stops to develop a machine whose design stands out resolutely against other products on the market. The aim: to create a new category.

The perfect new compromise
The innovative design of this machine offers unrivalled accessibility and superb performance while guaranteeing exceptional ease of use. Mr. Almeida Head of sales for Switzerland explains: “A big current and future challenge for the watchmaking industry is keeping and expanding our qualified workforce. Tornos plays an active role in professional training, working with 7 centres throughout Switzerland offering training to both adults and youngsters. We can only develop innovative solutions in a field like bar turning by imagining the next generation of bar turners”.

Coming soon
Swiss Nano will be presented from 5 to 8 March (new dates!) on the manufacturer’s premises in Moutier, as part of its now traditional week of watchmaking open days. This will be followed by presentation at Lausannetec and EPHJ/EPMT.



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