The 1’000th S33 from Studer

Studer produced the thousandth machine in its best-selling S33 series in the hundredth year since the company’s foundation. The Swiss celebrated this event during the sixteenth Indian Machine Tool Exhibition IMTEX, which took place between January 24th and 30th 2013 in Bangalore.
Swiss Airbrush Champion Philipp Klopfenstein sprayed a special design onto the body of the 1000th Studer S33.

Studer was the first to succeed in using several grinding wheels on one and the same machine, an “All in One” solution. And so the future began – the future of more efficient and intelligent machining. The foundation stone of today’s S33 was laid in 1996 with the S30leanPRO. This machine also has Studer’s “All in One” invention, and became well known as a compact, easy-to-operate and extremely flexible universal cylindrical grinding machine with two external grinding wheels and one belt-driven internal grinding wheel. An innovation at this time was the creation of grinding and dressing programs using pictogramming. Operator prompting developed and patented by Studer – revolutionary for the industry – allowed the operator to create the process directly, using icons, without ISO codes.

Many innovations to the service of customers
Over the course of time, market-specific variants of the S33 were developed. The so-called derivatives on the S33 platform can well be compared to the product strategy of the automobile world. The S33 as a highly functional universal design, the KC33 specifically for the Chinese market, built by Körber Schleifring Machinery Shanghai, the favoritCNC as a simple variant for the Eastern European and American markets and the ecoGrinder as the best process-accessible version for the Asian continent.

Over a thousand S33s have been manufactured and perform their grinding tasks at the highest quality level on a daily basis!

You can discover Studer machines at about 20 exhibitions this year.

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