Extruded aluminum finned tubes

Visoka has increased its production output of high efficiency finned tubes. They have commissioned a new CNC rolling plant. Their high fin tubes production is now better controlled through this innovative development.
These Mono and Bi-metallic high finned heat exchanger tubes give excellent thermal transfer results for a variety of applications. Most popular are Air Fin Coolers (AFC), Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC), air pre-heaters dryers, chillers and exhaust gas heat recovery for boilers. Many other uses like intercooling and convection heating are now within reach for the energy, oil, gas, wood, pulp, drying and other industries.

Fin diameters from 38 to 83 mm and with 6 to 12 fins per inch can be produced in lengths up to 18 meter with the new extrusion equipment, which was developed within Visoka’s own engineering division. As specialists with almost twenty years of production development, Visoka can rely on a vast experience in international markets.