Delcam’s latest FeatureCAM includes new stock model options

The 2013 R2 version of Delcam’s FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software incorporates a number of new stock model options that allow users to increase productivity, improve surface finish and reduce tool wear.  Other enhancements in this release include new methods for the generation of html set-up sheets, and improvements to turning and turn-mill programming.

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To reduce tool wear and improve surface finish
The first addition to the stock model functionality eliminates excessive tool engagement and limits the maximum depth of any cut into un-machined material.  Both these controls reduce tool wear and improve surface finish by avoiding any overloading of the tool.  They can be used on both stock models imported into FeatureCAM, such as castings that need some finish machining, or on the stock models generated by FeatureCAM after each machining operation.  The same functionality also removes toolpath segments that machine very little or no material.

Intelligence to the service of machining
Rest machining has been made more efficient in two ways.  Firstly, a new “detect metal thicker” command ensures that rest material thinner than the specified limit is ignored.  This prevents toolpaths being generated in any areas where the benefit of the extra cut is negligible, such as cusps left by the previous toolpath.
Secondly, toolpath fragmentation and the resultant air moves between fragments can be reduced by specifying a minimum gap length between cutting moves.  Any gaps shorter than the specified distance will be linked with a tangential move between the segments, rather than having the tool retract fully from the surface for a very short air move.

FeatureCAM 2013 R2 also incorporates many new other features

  • a new method for generating html set-up sheets
  • a number of turning improvements
  • an alternative method for calculating the index limits for turn-mill operations
  • a new add-in available for easier programming of barrel-cam features

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