Schaublin Machines: a generic name in India

Located in Hyderabad at the centre of India, the subsidiary of Schaublin Machines can count on three important advantages to offer its high-tech solutions to the market: 1) In the country, the Schaublin name is often synonymous with machine tool, it has become a generic name, 2) With more than 10’000 machines installed in India, the manufacturer is strongly implanted and 3) The company has a sales and service subsidiary, with local specialists and regional agents.
The subsidiary was opened in January 2010. Today it counts about fifteen people. Mr. Muster, CEO of Schaublin Machines says: “Our former agent having retired, we were able to set up our own structure with the specialists who were already working for Schaublin Machines. The results are very encouraging, we sell about 30 machines per year in India, and our aim is to increase our turnover each year by 15 to 20%”.

High-end solution
When we think about India, is not necessarily micromechanics that comes to mind, but this activity is nevertheless very well developed. Mr. Muster explains: “The country has a long tradition in mechanical businesses and training in this field is as good as in Switzerland. Many companies produce very high quality and to do this, they rely on high-tech and high quality machines as well as highly competent staff”. Whatever the country, the high requirements use the same solutions.

Very loyal customers
Schaublin’s customers are very faithful to the Swiss Made and the company, and the latter gives itself the means to feed this fidelity, Schaublin Machines never compromise on quality. The company knows that tens years of work can be quickly dismissed by average performance. The CEO says: “Our customers use what is best in terms of equipment, to enable them to innovate and develop their oen products”.

Machines treated with care
“Quality and innovation level is as high as in Europe and operators treat their machines with great care. To illustrate this point, it is not uncommon that we see Schaublin machines over 60 years old in perfect condition. We even tried to buy some in vain” specifies the CEO. The Schaublin name is still a dreaming motor.

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