Sharpening with coating service included

Guhring (Switzerland) SA, the precision tooling manufacturer, has recently opened a new sharpening and coating centre in Switzerland, what has just confirmed the Director, Markus Blum to Eurotec.
View of a coating machine for the new subcontracting coating activity of Gühring Switzerland.

This new service centre allows effectively sharpening and coating special tools with advanced precision technology. The company is able to coat small batches and its systems are designed in such a way to be able to simultaneously apply four different layers. The maximum size of the parts to be coated goes to tools with tails of diameter up to 20 mm and a maximum length of 300 mm

As efficient as a new tool
The director states: “It’s renewable coating. Because geometries of the tools become more and more specific, it is important for us to work with the original sharpening programs of the tools. This is our way to guarantee our customers the best cuts. The re-sharpened tools should be as effective as a new tool. It is a novelty in Switzerland. From now on, we are expanding the scope of our services and we also offer coatings for workpieces. For us, coating is a new very interesting area, with great potential”.

Specificities of the Swiss market
Eurotec wanted to know, what were the reactions of the German headquarter. Mr Blum says: “Our headquarter knows that the requirements of the Swiss market aren’t the same as in Germany. In Switzerland, we hardly work for the automotive industry, therefore, we are dealing with smaller lots, of more specific materials with more complex geometries, which requires high precision technology. We have already successfully developed tailor-made solutions with our Swiss customers”. The Director concludes: “Finally, let me give you an example, how to save money: If other manufacturers complain because of the high price of carbide, Guhring proposes an exchange programme; new against old and offers the coating of RT-100U, FIRE 25 mm diameter carbide mill for only CHF 192.40 instead of CHF 370.00, price for a new tool”.
Application of the coated RT100U Fire mill.

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