More sizes of Tendo E compact available

Due to the popularity of the price and performance optimized Tendo E compact hydraulic expansion toolholders, Schunk, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems is extending its program. Now the precision mountings are also available for the interfaces JIS-BT30 (Ø 12 mm and 20 mm), and HSK-A100 (Ø 20 mm and 32 mm).
Due to its high holding forces the Tendo E compact from Schunk is perfectly suitable for volume machining.

Tendo E compact is the answer to increasing requirements in volume cutting, which cannot be fulfilled from the economic point of view by ER collect chucks, heat shrinking toolholders, Weldon mountings, and technically inferior hydraulic expansion toolholders. This powerhouse is exclusively manufactured at the Schunk headquarters in Lauffen. It has been possible to transfer all the special features of hydraulic expansion toolholders to volume cutting applications. If clamped in dry conditions, this particularly price-attractive precision mounting convinces with torques of 900 Nm at a diameter of 20 mm. At Ø 32 mm, the toolholder even transmits torques of up to 2000 Nm.

60% higher torque and effective dampening
Compared with conventional hydraulic expansion toolholders this is a 60% higher torque. The expansion sleeve and the oil-filled expansion chamber damp vibration, that occur during machining, and absorb peak loads, and therefore the tool is stabilized when it digs into the material. At a permanently precise run-out accuracy of less than 0,003 mm at an actual clamping length of 2.5 x D, and a balancing grade of G 2.5 at 25.000 rpm with HSK mountings, the Tendo E compact seamlessly integrates into the proven program of hydraulic expansion toolholders from Schunk. The combination of run-out accuracy and vibration damping prevents the tool’s cutting edge from wear, extends the tool lives, and avoids chatter marks at the workpiece surface.

Moreover, the even load profile extends the service life of spindle and spindle bearing. All the hydraulic expansion toolholders, as well as the Tendo E compact do not require additional expensive peripheral devices. For a fast tool change, an Allen key is all you need. The Tendo E compact is available for the interfaces HSK-A50, HSK-A63, HSK-A100, SK40, SK50, JIS-BT30, JIS-BT40, JIS-BT50 as well as SK50.

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