Air bearing helical drilling optics

The generation of micro holes in different materials with laser has become a well-established process in the industrial sector in recent years. The production of structures with exactly defined geometries is thereby gaining increasing importance.
The process is typically realized by using special drilling optics, which deflect the laser beam by rotary motion to create the desired drilling geometry and size. Deficiencies in the beam profile play a minor role and can even be accounted for during laser processing. This way, drillings of high quality with high aspect ratios can be produced.

New concept…
In co-operation with Feinmess Dresden GmbH 3D-Micromac AG has developed a new concept of a helical drilling optic, which utilizes aerostatic instead of the usual mechanical bearings for all those components which are subject to continuous movement. The contactless bearing concept promises an essential reduction of friction losses while at same time an increase in guidance accuracies is achieved. This way, highly precise and reproducible laser drilled holes can be generated. Furthermore, the occurring wear and necessary operating energy are decreased, which significantly improves the reliability and life cycle of the drilling optics.

To be used everywhere
Areas of application include the automotive industry, aerospace engineering and textile industry, in which spinnerets are needed to achieve ever more complex shapes for the production of functional fibres. The new drilling optics will be presented for the first time on occasion of Laser World of Photonics 2013 in Munich from May 13 to 16.