A new standard for turning

The number of tools available on machines directly influences the ability of these to perform complex operations or machine parts requiring extra finish. The race for productivity and quality are also two parameters pushing companies to always find more intelligent solutions for their customers. Pibomulti presents a new tool-holder system adaptable on many machine-tools: Piboturn.
Principle of the Piboturn tool holder. 1) Cone-face adaptation with compressible hollow cone, 2) manual lateral clamping, 3) cylindrical guiding, 4) automatic clamping

Developed first for machines of Emissa, its sister company; Piboturn tool holders now hits the market of turning with strong assets, both in terms of stiffness and reduced sizes.

New tool-holder…
To answer to the needs of Emissa machines, new turning tool-holders had to be designed. They had to be less bulky and especially offering the possibility to adjust the heights of each tool independently precisely in a repeatable way. These also had to be rigid and controllable easily. The systems already on the market were not suitable for various reasons, including too large sizes. Pibomulti has developed a system of cone with compressible hollow cone HSK type but with a guide on 3 points (face, compressible cone and axis of the cone). This new concept ensures stability on radial efforts that standard hollow cone cannot provide (take-off of the cone).

Compact systems… 25% more tools
The Piboturn system allows the use of very small tools, particularly in turning. That instantly increases the number of available tools and therefore the possibilities of machines. For example, used on turrets and compared to the VDI, the user can set up 25% more tools. The great repeatability allows set-ups in hidden time on usual pre-setting devices of the market.

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To be discovered in more details in Eurotec’s next issue.