The digital age of polishing!

If the capture of movements (motion capture) was developed in the 1980s for the army and then for physiological and medical analyses, it is Hollywood and video games that have developed this technique for recording human movements through sensors to then recreate them in a virtual manner (as in Avatar for example). At EPHJ Crevoisier, the manufacturer of grinding and finishing centres, will present an articulated polishing robot that operates using the same technique.


Crevoisier uses the film industry developments to the service of polishing. Thanks to its new acquisition and polishing cells, the perfect gestures of polishers can be reproduced to infinity.

Crevoisier will present in world premiere at EPHJ a polymorphic polishing robot which is able to reproduce the sure gestures of the best polishers. How does it work? What are the consequences for the polishing world and for the watchmaking field (first target of this revolution)?

To work with the polishing specialist
“The goal is to give the polishing specialist a complementary tool” says Mr. Migy, technical-sales mgr. He continues: “Today watchmakers have difficulty to find highly skilled workforce and it is more and more common that they have to subcontract abroad”. In order to keep these added value operations in Switzerland, Crevoisier presents a new concept of programmation for polishing robots.

Step by step
In the event of a series of parts to be polished, the specialist works manually as he is used to on a polishing post. A motion capture system saves all useful movements. Each sequence of polishing realised by the specialist being registered, he can proceed to the next step that will allow the robot to replicate movements.

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We will present this piece of news in deeper details in Eurotec’s next issue.